Ore/Ice Logistics

While the tweaking of “where” resources are harvested is underway, it still seems that the exact location of harvested goods is less of a concern. This is mostly about ores, not minerals, and to a small extent Ice.

On the topic of moving things
Essentially, please ensure that current ice/ore compression rates are really adequate coupled with those mining changes. The mobility of compressed ores coupled with JF-logistics allows a well-organized group to more easily counteract the changes and their consequences, while the additional obstacles posed to the more casually-oriented seem heavy in comparison. While a non-factor for the competition between established groups (I’d assume), it poses a huge barrier of entry for freshmen.

I cannot say if JFs, compression or both are really an issue, but in combination, they apparently trivialize movement, with a pilot’s incompetence being the only liability.

An organized group outperforming a less competent, less numerous, or not as invested group is totally fine, but the effective difference regarding difficulty and effort required to move harvested materials to a hub should be checked.

A change like that is not unprecedented, I dimly recall a change to module reprocessing 5-6 years ago to avoid minerals being moved as modules.
Processed/Finished goods should be much smaller in their packaged state than the materials they’re made off, with compressed ore however, this does not seem to be the case.
I’m not invested in either mining or industry, so please excuse any misconceptions. The mobility of raw materials is just raising huge question marks when looked at from the outside.

“I don’t mine, produce, or haul stuff. But hauling mining materials seams to easy for me, so I came here to whine. Because I can”…

From what you are saying I get impression that you have zero knowledge or experience in topic you want to discuss. And something seams broken to you, because it don’t reflect RL transportation.

I’d be glad if you keep a cool temper. I see that it’s a hot topic for you and can understand that you are content with the current state.

It’s rather that a dreadnought fits into less than two DSTs in compressed ore, which is raising question marks. There’s a lot of effort underway to promote certain places as extraction point for select resources, this is just to bring to attention that ore, once extracted, is currently highly mobile.

No. Your reasoning is extremely out of sense. And I don’t see single reason for wasting my time to make my opinion on worthless idea, look nice.

Again with your RL examples… It’s a game. Not shipyard simulator. It needs to be fun and somewhat balanced. Hauling ore and minerals is already huge burden and your proposal gives nothing, expect extra grind.

Increasing volume of goods (I assume that this is what you are aiming for) will only increase that gap. Group that will be able to bring more haulers will always outperform anyone else.

If you don’t have any concrete numbers, examples how this won’t ruin economy and eliminate “small guys”. Don’t bother to reply. I wasted enough time here and you won’t hear more from me.