Organic Ships

Essentially ships that we players grow ourselves. Procedurally generated, guided by the player actions, they all would be unique, so even all powerful ship would be a once in lifetime.

feed the right things at the right time, to get the right features. have the embryo in right kind of environment for tweaking to features. Push some feature too hard, and you risk killing the embryo or it fails to develop other features. Using mutages would end up a roll of the dice for the basic multipliers, and you wouldnt be able to see what changed and how you would just see the changes in the rate of development. meaning you might end up having to use 10 times more minerals to get a solid hull, but only a morsel to get insanely strong shields. Faction mutagens would be more predictable.

Like feed it minerals and you develop its hull and armor, feed it PI goods and you develop its shielding and electronics and so on. feed it ice products and you push its cyno capacity wheter for jumping or lighting.

Longer you feed it, bigger it becomes, if you can keep it safe and fed long enough, it could end up as a titan. you fail to feed it properly, it will be a useless titan. Would need to be kept fed while in operation, could die of starvation if not placed in hibernation tank for long term storage. Hibernation tanks would drop if citadel is destroyed. properly fed ships not in a tank would be loyal and warp to a safespot and hide there until picked up. Starved ships would go rogue when dropped from a dead citadel. Bigger the ship more it would take to keep it fed, but also the growth process would have its effect on consumption.


this is a very interesting concept what you have described here reminds me of the wraith ships from stargate atlantis or the organic material used in base stars in battlestar galactica, that it will grow and fill in the cracks and as it ages it gets stronger and stronger

I have a few questions about your idea to further my understanding of what you envision.

do you have any thoughts on where or how you would find the embryos?
would you need a special ship to install them on or could they go on any ship?
when they reach capital size would they be allowed in high sec or simply be classed as capitals?
will it only grow while the capsuleer is piloting it?
do all embryos grow to titan size eventually or will there be different types of embryos for different sizes and class of ships?

please understand these are not meant to criticise in anyway, I would just like to genuinely understand the concept in more depth before offering my thoughts on it.

What if we feed them

Could we alter the gender of the spaceship by only feeding one or the other?

From COSMOS missions:

Cool idea, but never gonna happen unless CCP can charge some sort of micro transactions that’s required for the feeding process

You could directly feed them PLEX :credit_card: for overpowered growth rate and mutations? Similar to Golden ammo in other games… on the topic of which: PLEX :credit_card: used as mini-doomsday ammo in every weapon system when? :smirk:

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It’s actually a noble idea. When I read your thread, I actually come up with an idea where you could actually feed your ship with mutoplasmids in return you get increased/decreased stats on your ships base attributes. Even further you could maybe use some mutoplasmids on specific hull type for increased/decreased ship bonus stats too! In my point of view, different type of mutoplasmids would be there for different ship attributes. Also there could be hull type specific mutoplasmids for ship bonuses. If you want to upgrade your hull to bigger hull that would be more risky but in return more rewarding for upgraded hull class. Maybe you could get minor attribute buffs if you could be doing feeding mutaplasmids in cruiser size and would be less risky with less increased attributes but if you want to lets say upgrade from destroyer to cruiser would be a lot more risky but in return you could get more increased stats than doing in only specific hull type. Not sure if I’m clear at this point :stuck_out_tongue: This feeding process would be in real time like skill training but you could also lessen this process, like we all do with implants, by actually using your ship like lets say you want to have increase speed you could be spending more time flying that ship to get feeding speed modifiers. Or you would want to increase lets say your ship bonus like missile damage or fire rate you could be spending more time with that ship and be using your launchers. I know it sounds like weird but that’s only thing I can imagine with my intellectual capacity hehe :stuck_out_tongue: Hope I made my point clear :slight_smile:

Considering the ships will be OP because all new ships must be the corpse idea is best, not Plex.

If you can’t collect corpses then no organic ship for you :pirate_flag: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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