Origin of Abyss - Nav?

(Nana Skalski) #1

What I find curious, there is place called Nav, an underworld, the place where dead people go in slavic mythology, where “Veles” or “Volos” (one of the visages of Triglav) resides, and when I see this:

It automatically reminds me of art by Beksiński:

Nav being in my understanding probably an inspiration for the abyss on some point, or just a strange coincidence with this idea, naming of the faction and imagery.

Abyss like Nav the Underworld, place of death, dead like Talocan?

(Tamiroth) #2

On a somewhat unrelated note, the names of the Triglavian ships are:

Frigate - “Demavik” (probably meaning a minor house spirit)
Cruiser - “Vedmak” (Witcher, literally)
Battleship - “Leshak” (a malevolent forest spirit).

All consistent with the slavic mythology theme. Interesting.


(Aradina Varren) #3

Each ship also has some writing on them, we don’t have clear enough shots of them to be sure, but currently we think that it’s this

This also fits the current theme of Slavic mythology.

(Russia) #4

Looks like a mistake.
No dEmavik in Slav mythology, only dAmavik (bellorussian mythology, spirits of home), domovoy (russian mythology, spirit of home too), domovníček (bohemian) and more.

(Aradina Varren) #5

It might be a mistake, but it might also be a coincidence that Damavik is something. Vedmak is a thing in Slavic mythology, but Leshak is a Russian metal band.

This is one of their songs, if anyone was wondering.

(Russia) #6

Leshy, Leshak, Lesovik - same (with slight differences) forest spirit in Slav mythology.

(Aradina Varren) #7

Ah. Yeah. That’d make more sense.

That or someone at CCP is just a fan of the band.

(Ravana 729) #8

So basically extremely futuristic Witcher universe just merged with Eve and Tetractys of the Decad culture. Rad. Good thing I’m in an alliance with IGNI as it’s ticker.

(Russia) #9

Triglav - literally means “Three-Headed”. The concept represents three gods who personify the three worlds (Prav-Yav-Nav), or Heaven, earth and the underworld, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triglav_(mythology)

(Russia) #10

We can make a triglavian rune alphabet, right?

(Aradina Varren) #11

We have a key for it, I don’t think it’s fully updated at the moment because people are busy with fanfest, but I’ll see about posting the most up to date one we have here.

(Russia) #12

So, https://twitter.com/CCPBurger/status/986641262869712904

(Aradina Varren) #13

C-N4OD -0.6 < Satyr < Fountain
C-N4OD I - best station ever

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(Tamiroth) #14

Yeah. I meant exactly that. Dom-, like in Latin domus, is an universal Indo-european root meaning home or house. But hey, we’re dealing with people who brought us Oruze Osobnyk, Hel the giant shark and Kitsune the trickster snake. I thought they just changed o to e for a ship name that’s easier to pronounce, or for whatever other reason.

(DrysonBennington) #15

Reading through the myths and lore of ancient Earth I came across a mythical beast known as the Balrog. The Balrog lived at the roots of the mountains of ancient Earth and could conceal themselves in fire and shadow. The Balrog was a very fearsome for and could only be dispatched by the most worthy and powerful warriors, most from the wizard class that were trained by the Gods and Goddesses of Light.

No other could defeat the Balrog than those chosen by the Gods and Goddesses to protect them from the evils of the Balrog.

So ended the chapter of the myth of the Balrog as new myths were told to children to keep them quiet during the night as the children of Earth passed through the darkness of space. But it appears that the ancient Balrog has returned to haunt the dreams of the children of New Eden, chasing them through the darkness and shadows space within the words interwoven from tales from of Earth’s ancient past.

The Triglavian must be the twisted thoughts that kept the madness of the earliest pioneers company that were lost in space time when the Eve Gate collapsed. Unable to cross the great expanse they became trapped in space between space and time their thoughts slowly being twisted by the darkness until the Triglavian was found.

Abysmal space is the deepest dungeon of any story that would be home the deepest and most twisted thoughts of those who could not escape the hell they were in.

But the space beyond Abysmal space must be another realm that is home to the Triglavian creator as like fear and time, space is just another vessel for the brackish waters of evil to be poured into and then used to sow the destruction of the light.

(Nana Skalski) #16

I hope it will not be so. :joy:

(Mina Sebiestar) #17

You shall not pass.

(Alexis Crendraven) #18

The Slavs have arrived in EvE!
I’m so proud!
I want my Witcher (Wiedźmak) Cruiser :smiley:

(Nana Skalski) #19

Unfortunately Vedmak isnt very good at this point. Needs buffing weapons and some more fitting resources like PGU and CPU. Leshak is the best.

(Alexis Crendraven) #20

let’s hope CCP sees it and prepares a fix.