Otella Refinery Lease or Buy

I was looking to Lease or Buy a Refinery in Otella with access to a Moon?

Do you mean Otela ?

I’d suggest you may like to try the Marketplace, either the sell or services sections.

I’m also assuming you’ve checked all the moons and decided not to just put up your own and/or just mine the moon ore as it becomes available from already existing stations?

There are stations open to the public in the area configured for refining… it’s not the sort of thing I would consider renting/leasing in high sec.


I looked and there are a bunch of Low Power Refineries in Otela, I am currently mining and refining from existing Refineries, however the timings of the Drops generally don’t suit me as I am from Australia. As for placing my own. that is an option, but there are just too many unused Refineries, it seems a waste. Thank you for the advice Cypr3ss. I have looked at this pretty extensively and think it is economically feasible to run a Refinery, preferably my own, but there must a big downside because I see so many low power Refineries

Heh, I guessed this based on ya name :slight_smile: AU TZ best TZ!

If there are moons you already have in mind, but there’s a low power refinery already on it, you could consider hiring mercs to remove it, then you could place yours down… alternatively msg the corp/alliance executor and ask if they’d be willing to sell it/transfer it to you.

If they’re low power this means they do not have any fuel to keep things running, it’s a downside of HS, anywhere else they would be easy pickings for people that like to shoot structures. It could also mean they are abandoned, which could make it cheaper to hire mercs (not sure on this) or easier for you & your corp to take down yourselves (will require a war dec to shoot the high sec structure). Again, an option is to try & make contact with the owning corp/alliance and ask if they’re not using it to sell/transfer to yourself/corp/alliance.

The down side to owning your own structure in HS is it opens your corp/alliance up to war decs… I’m not really aware of any other major drawbacks, which is why you see so many.

Edit: I note that you’re still in an NPC corp, which will prevent you from dropping your own structure, unless this is a forum posting alt, then all is well & carry on.


Thank you for your comprehensive reply, much to consider. I appreciate youi taking the time and effort. Yes this is an Alt. Regards Sam2

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