Out Doing Sightseeing in Low-Sec Metropolis -- A Missing Massive Black Hole?

When out clearing my head in my Astero by means of prolonged observation of oddities in the cluster, I found that my Neocom Map depicts the presence of a rather large black-hole out near the ‘Point of No Return’ – Specifically near the system of Konora.

The map refers to this black-hole as ‘Ginnungagap’, noting specifically that this hole can only be seen from this location rather clearly – I’d imagine similar to the Trace Cosmos spectacle out in Solitude.

Upon taking the time to fly out, however, I found that this supposed black-hole was not to be found, despite of a bit of time taken to observe the system as a whole.

There is, however, a rather large nebula that resides here as well.

To ask – When was the last time someone has been able to see, or find, this particular black-hole?

Is it possible that this nebula could be obscuring it somehow?


I’ve tried to see it as well in the past. The lore text is just that: text. No success.

I’ve done the circuit around the black hole. No angle can see it unfortunately.

this is the hourglass-type nebulae you can see in regions like etherium reach.

And great wildlands. But no visible black hole sadly.

So-- I’ve been on tour in that area, also, pilot. And if I remember correctly?

That was pointed out on the tour as Ginnungagap.

Thing about a black hole? It doesn’t, itself, really shed light, even (especially?) one that big. What does, is the stuff that collects around it. Which I guess isn’t necessarily going to form a neat disk (at least all the time).

So I guess basically, it’s a black hole lost in its own banquet.

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This is Ginnungagap.
The brighter area around the center of the cloud is closest to the black hole itself - this is frictional heating of the accreted material near the event horizon. The brightest objects in the universe are more massive versions of what you see here. They are often callen “Quasars”.


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