Outpost/Conquerable Station Conversion - Public Test

Greetings Quality Conscientious Capsuleers!

Today I’m very happy to announce the start of the public testing phase of the Outpost conversion, scheduled to hit Tranquility on 5th June. This initial testing period will happen on our secondary test server Duality. The details on how to connect to Duality, can all be found in this support article.

For more information on the details of this transition, take a look at this dev blog outlining the high level process, keep an eye out for a more detailed dev blog due in the next few days, and have a watch of the 2018 Fanfest Structure presentation (the relevant part starts at 12m 35s).

This is going to be a very large and intensive migration with many moving parts and intricacies which we cannot fully cover with only in-house testing, so we really appreciate any help you can provide in this process. We are especially interested in how the migration works for owners and administrators of Stations.

So without further ado, let’s go through the plan!

  1. Wed 25th April (Today) - Duality is opened. Pilots may log in and get themselves set up in an existing outpost/conquerable station. We encourage you to make sure that your chosen station has a wide variety of the following:
  • Characters
  • Assets
  • Clones
  • Offices
  • Industry Jobs
  • Market Orders
  • Contracts

Note: A good way to record information about what you have contained in a station before the migration is to take screenshots of your hangars, or alternatively copy the contents into a spreadsheet or document to refer to later.

  1. Thu 26th April - Duality will be taken down some time after 13:00 EVE time, and all outposts and conquerable stations will be converted to structures. This will likely take multiple hours.

  2. Fri 27th - Mon 31st April - Duality will be brought back online and pilots will be able to log in once more and check that everything is as they would expect after the conversion.

During the entirety of this process we encourage pilots as always to let us know what you think of the conversion, including anything that we may have missed or anything that looks strange after the conversion. The best way to do this is to comment in this thread with as much detail as possible as well as of course, submitting bug reports for any problems that occur. Bug reports should be reported from within the client whenever possible, and ideally have “Outpost Conversion” in their summary to allow them to be easily processed.

Things to Note:

  • The database mirror is from the end of March.
  • Duality is slow, expect things like regional markets and systems to take a long time to load.
  • There is no standard 100isk test server market seeding on Duality, this will mean that pilots will need to use their own items for this test.
  • The “/moveme” command will be available on the server. We will set this up with many systems to help with moving to an appropriate outpost/conquerable station.

Thanks and happy testing,

CCP Lebowski for Team Five 0

Reserved for Announcements and FAQ

25th Apr - 17:33 - Duality is now open!
26th Apr - 16:00 - Duality has been taken down for the conversion
27th Apr - 11:20 - Duality is back, the conversion has been completed!
14th May - 16:20 - Testing has now moved to Singularity, where the conversion will occur in 2 days!

can we gett some stations seded with 100isk items? even just few stations

those who dont have outpost. will have to conquer one ad then convert? or outposts will be seeded and people can put one or two and convert to structure?

There is no need for any additional items to be bought from the market, so no - 100 isk seeded will remain off.
There is no need to own an outpost - it is sufficient to check those things, which you have in an outpost. But: Those who own one will have to check a bit more.

Outposts are mirrored from Tranquility and are open for anyone to dock. All you need to do is head to one and drop in some of the things listed above! :slight_smile:

got into V-3YG7 no missing items or services,evrything fine. will conversion be a forced or players will recevie a rig or module to convert their structure “in fly” ?

after the structures turn to citadels of their faction representation what will happen on singularity,especially with markets we will be nolonger able to buy stuff on field?

Will these citadels be on the market on sisi later?

The conversion will happen automatically on the 5th June and will apply to all Outposts and Conquerable stations

For more info on how Sisi will work after the change, take a look at CCP Habakuk’s thread, found here

No, these citadels are limited edition and will never be seeded.

Hey folks, thanks to all who have logged in so far!

I’m about to start a 30 minute timer on duality, after which the server will be down for the rest of the day for the upgrade. Now’s your last chance to get on and into an Outpost/Conquerable!

Hello again everyone,

I’m happy to inform you all that the conversion has been completed and Duality is now online and accepting connections!

Pilots are welcome to log on and check that everything is as they expect, all references and mention of the outposts and conquerable stations should now be removed, with the exception of a few known issues which i’ll list above!

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Hello again Outpost aficionados!

We’re happy to announce that the testing process has been going well so far and that we’re ready to perform this conversion on Singularity!

As we’d like everyone to have the opportunity to make preparations for this conversion (Get themselves in an Outpost/Set up access rights, etc) before it occurs, we’ll be giving you a couple of days notice. With this in mind, I’m happy to announce that the conversion will begin on Singularity on Wednesday 16th May @ approximately 16:00 and should last no longer than 6 hours

Any pilots who wish to help with this process, especially pilots who own and/or administrate Stations, are encouraged to log into the server before this time to allow ample opportunity to check on the status of their Station and its contents and access rights before and after the conversion.

We’re especially interested to hear if you experience anything strange around the special edition rigs that the structures will be fitted with and their effects. As always if anything seems amiss, please submit a bug report and let us know in this thread. You can find all the information on what rig your station should have after the conversion, along with it’s effects in this spreadsheet!

Thanks again and happy testing!

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when station turn to citadels we wont be able to dock to them and buy parts for our titan production,exsisting assets will be stuck aswell - asset safety will help get em back thought

Singularity is being taken down for the conversion now, it will be down for most of the night.

See you on the other side!

Hey all,

Thanks for your patience, Singularity is now back up and all outposts and conq. stations appear to have been successfully converted! Please let us know if you experience any issues :slight_smile:

Just what about the seeded items in conquerable stations. Looks like they were not transfered :frowning:

edit : It appears that the Draccous fortizar don’t have market at all (as expected for a fortizar), my bad.

markets still broken in draccous fortizars

Thanks for noting this, could you submit a bug report for this issue with details on which particular structures you experienced this issue with? Its not something that appears to happen consistently for all Draccous fortizars.

So now that no one in NC did the ACL for any of the sov stations, we are locked out of EVERY NC station? Please tell me that theres a fix incoming for that. None of the NC admins log in here afaik, nor will they be bothered to waste time coming here to do that, just so I can get my stuff out of a station.

Tell me that you can fix this, because it’s kind of crappy

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