Overall best T2 BC for all-around PVP

Just trying to figure out what everyone thinks is the best overall T2 BC and what’s the best all-around PVP fit?

Depends on what you want to fight in a command ship and where.

I mean… this is my opinion… but, Sleipnir. 100%


There is no best.
/end thread.

this mostly.

case and point

and i would stand firmly behind the nighthawk


I don’t know about the sliepnir but I find the Eos a little lacking if you don’t fit guns on.

I guess you can do some scary heavy drone kiting or sentry sniping but you can only carry 2 sets of heavy drones or sentries - or both.

The Vulture and Damnation are excellent fleet ships, the Absolution is terrifying as pulse kiter, the Astarte and Nighthawk scary brawlers.

I would make all my fitting decisions around the links, which make the ships really strong but the 600-900 million isk price tag is a huge deterrent.

Had lot’s of com ship + com ship in the past and can for sure say the sleipnir is probably 1 followed closely by nighthawk and Astarte, the Absolution could be good but its cap is horrible.

Eos has a much smaller drone bay than most other drone focus’ed ships of its size Eg. Ishtar, so can pretty comfortably kill off its drones and render it harmless.

That could work! Would make up for its fear of neut’s! Would need some snakes for sure thou.

…or a Gallente or minmatar companion with skirmish links.

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Sleipnir is with out question the most versatile, so therefore- it most likely would be the best choice in the largest number of circumstances.

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The Sleipnir just has an overabundance of everything. You can put it at the head of a fleet with a big buffer tank, you can solo in it and tank gangs, you can kite with it and do 6k volleys with artillary, It has good damage, decent mobility, huge capacitor, droney-bops, style for days. The thing is seriously one of the coolest ships. Definitely in my top 5 all time, all around rape machines. If I ever get good at PVP, the Sleip will be all I fly.

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Yea the sleipnir is a sexy beast for sure but I feel that it’s where it should be for such a heavily trained ship if anything the other com ships should receive some buffs to catch up, instead of the sleipnir receiving a nerf.

Astarte: Some more speed, maybe a little more damage.
Nighthawk: Little more ehp maybe tiny bit more damage.
Absolution: like 30% faster capacitor regen.

Sleipnir rest are ■■■■


If the sleip got a nerf I’d be heart broken

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Astarte with a skirmish link goes 1600m/s (cold) is that too slow for you?

Nighthawk does 850 - 900dps (cold) is that not good enough for you?

Absolution can be fit for better cap regen without gimping the fit too much.

So you think those 3 ships are fine the way they are? Absolution gets shut down easily by neut’s even with a cap booster, nighthawk im guessing your talking about heavy assualt’s for that dps? which apply really poorly to most thing’s, astarte agility + 1600 is not enough to sling shot most cruisers which move close to 2.2km/s, and its a ship that need’s to really get close to do its thing.

Nighthawk recent rank 294 https://zkillboard.com/ship/22470/ thats pretty horible
Absolution recent rank 200 https://zkillboard.com/ship/22448/ not as bad but still horrible.
Astarte recent rank 170 https://zkillboard.com/ship/22466/ better but not there yet.

These are ships you have to train hard into ships that are end game are men’t to be really good.

Sleipnir recent rank 32 https://zkillboard.com/ship/22444/ the only one with a really good score, where combat com ships are men’t to be.

I can understand for the fleet com ships as they are mostly for larger fleets and become primaried to remove boosts off field.

P.S. Astarte is super weak to kiting even against t1 crap https://zkillboard.com/kill/68548079/
https://zkillboard.com/kill/68229564/ even dying to other kiting bc https://zkillboard.com/kill/67301025/
Or maybe most astarte pilots are actually really bad lol https://zkillboard.com/kill/64157453/

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How’d you do this? I can see the top 10 ships but how do you see the full list?

You have to search them individually then hit ranks.

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Rorqual is rank 180 0.0

Rorqual is a monster lol

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Looking at those kill LOL, then yes, they really bad. If those pilots were killing battleships, they would have a much easier time and those fits were bad to begin with.

I really do not care what a keyboard says about ships. According to this keyboard the game only has 4 ships and no other.
I know that must come as a total surprise but you can fit railguns on an Astarte.

You need to fit a web and HAMs will apply just fine.

The Absolution is better in a fleet setting with logi. Solo is not a real option for her, which is sad.

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