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What is this new “Citizen Ships” ship type that I can see in Overview settings now? Where is it mentioned in the patch notes? Googling it only returns results about Star Citizen…

This could either be a placeholder for a new ship class in the upcoming Winter Expansion, or simply a group that will contain ship like Shuttles.

Playable Sansha’s Nation as premium faction confirmed. Eve is dying!


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maybe just npc fluff like the mining ships

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What do you mean by premium faction ? A faction like the Triglavian ships that aren’t available to alpha clones ?

That’s actually also an option, like introduction of T2 Sansha faction hulls.

But my original idea was more like a paid-for starting package - for $20 start as a Sansha Citizen, with an instanced newbie system connected to highsec by wormholes, a separate “new player experience”, a set of implants and faction ships (True Citizen Only) not available to the lowly masses. It was sort of a bad attempt at sarcasm, because Pearl Abyss and all.

Edit: basically what Markus says below.

Racially locked ships that can only be flown by Super Achuras. Super Achuras have 30 base stats for all 5 attribs and get unlimited access to the new super instance, where PVP is disabled and you can run lvl 6 missions.

Yours for a mere 25000 plex (single character unlock).

Ah, sorry, sarcasm is quite hard to grasp when you doesn’t have the voice with it ^^

It would be nice to get T2 pirate ships (outside of AT ships, I know Sansha Nation have the only faction HIC), but sincerely I would love to see a new faction using hybrid weapons and more useful in PVE compared to Serpentis ships.

When you look at it, energy turrets and missiles already have two different options out of empire ships (energy turrets even have three) :

  • Missile users have the Mordu’s legion and Guristas ships (even if those put a bigger emphasis to drones, missiles are still bonused).
  • Energy turrets users have the Blood Raider ships, familiar to Amarr design with lasers and Armor tank, or the Sansha Nation with the interesting shield + lasers. They even have the SOE Tech tree which combine lasers and drones.

Projectile and hybrids users would certainly appreciate a second choice for them (even more for hybrid users doing PVE missions).

The genius of this post simply cannot be overstated. From the flippant lack of punctuation or capitalization to the casual disdain and topped off with the obliviously daft message dismissing an entire superclass of ships and players as “fluff”. BRA-VO!

10/10 Would fap to this post again!


lmao i love the way you try to patronise me and make me look dumb
when it is you who completely misunderstood the post and spazzed out like a dumbass

Actually, you ARE dumb, and not just because you don’t know how to type properly, but also because your “reply” made no sense at all. If you knew a little better, you’d know there is no way that ship type can be NPC…

you didnt specify which category it was under you just said ship type
so saying npc ship is a legitimate suggestion
if you jump down someones thoat for making an inoffensive suggestion then sorry but you are dumb
so both of you can get ■■■■■■


Citizen snips! That’s the name of my ship :grinning:

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I’m wondering whether it’s related to all of the recent news articles about civilian ships going missing and AEGIS now taking up that purview…


all you said was it was a ship type and said npc ships arent a type of ship
you didnt specifically state it was in the ship type category and i wasnt about to check it out to see what you meant
why would i waste my time doing that when you should have been more specific in the first place if you want people to know what you are talking about
so now you waste my time and derail your own thread over some pedantic garbage
gg dude

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Nowhere did I said that. Not only can’t you type properly, obviously you cannot read either.

So what? That doesn’t make anything I said incorrect, nor does it change the fact that what you said was…

So what? Nobody asked you to do. The problem is that you bothered to reply without having a clue what you were talking about…

Exactly. Why on earth or whatever planet you live in did you bother to reply at all?

LOL, you think I don’t have a thick skin? Who is that didn’t agree with me? What is this “disagreement” supposed to be about?

sorry im not gonna waste my time talking to someone who has to hide behind an alt
get on your main if you want to talk to me

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get on your main

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He drops corp every time they get wardecced, which happens fairly often. Must be stressing to join and leave all the time.

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