Overview in crowded systems

Can we have an option with ‘Remove ******* from overview’… to remove from ‘this system only’… ?
I would like to be able to ‘remove Structures from overview’ in Amarr… but I need Structures for other systems.

I very much doubt this is something that can be done.

But what you can do is; when you enter amarr, right click on any one of those structures and select ‘remove from overview’. And then when you leave amarr, reload your preferred overview settings.

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Ugh there are 1000s of systems, settings on a per system basis would be a mess


You just need to have a separate overview tab or preset ready to roll. Anything that you would remove from the overview for that system, you just remove from that tab/preset. Then when you go into a system you wish to reduce the clutter in, you swap to that tab/preset.


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