Overview is identical for all characters on the account

I am not sure if this the correct place for this question.

Any changes I make to the overview on one character changes on all characters on that account. I have one that is primarily PvE Hi-Sec and one is primarily PvP/Mining Nul-Sec. I would like for them to have different things set on their overviews. Am I missing a setting to seperate them, is this how it is supposed to work, or is my account bugged somehow?

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Some settings are account specific, others are character specific. You can create multiple profiles for your account and select them from the launcher. You also have 8 tabs on the overview which may be all you need for your different playstyles.

Man this is horrible. I set a profile for one account and now it reset everything on all my other accounts! I don’t understand why each character can’t be separate. PvP is different from Mining which is different for PvE.