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One thing I noticed after using the character slots on my accounts is any changes to the overviw on one character is immediatly transfered to all characters on that account. This is a pain because I have 1 combat character with very specific overviews (and not enough might I add) and 2 industry characters who have no use for settings based on Drones or Capitals but need a specific overview for mining etc only.

The same can be said for chat options also, if I disable blink on a corp channel for my NPC Corp character, it disables it for all characters across the account. Not great when you need to know whats going on.

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Settings used to be distinct, but CCP has been consolidating them. Not sure why, because the unique setting per-character were far better than consolidated settings. :frowning:


Ah, never knew it used to be unique, but I never used all my character slots before either. It feels like its useless changes that filter across the characters, but window prefrences stay unique. for example…

Some people have theorized that it is meant to support the EVE Anywhere platform; maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but either way losing the greater degree of character-level and account-level controls in the past 12 months has been irritating.

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I wish that overview settings were distinct as well. Moreover, I also wish that adjusting the placement of locked targets on one toon didn’t change it for everyone on the account.

Regardless, you do have a couple of workarounds. You can create and save two different overviews, or you can use different account profiles. Different profiles will save all yoiur client/u.i. customizations like window placement, overview settings, and graphics settings. (click on the gear next to your account name in the launcher. Then look for the profile section).
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Thank you good sir, this is exactly what I was needing. Maybe could have looked harder…

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