Request for Per Character Overview Settings

The issue I have is that changing the Overview settings on one character changes it for all characters on the account.

When one char is an industrial/trader type bumbling around in high sec and I change the overview to filter out all the crap in Jita I do not want that to change the Overview for my chars out in low/null/wh. It’s annoying and non-intuitive.

A similar issue occurs with the default keep-at-range and orbit options where ideally these would be per ship, not just per char (or per account as they are now) because my frigates, cruisers and battleships all have very different engagement profiles and having to set (and remember to set) these every time you switch ships is annoying.

If this could be implemented it would be very useful and a massive QoL improvement.

EDIT: This also seems to affect chat channels, on one char in an NPC corp I set “blink off” on the corp chat channel, then when I log into my main (not an NPC corp), corp chat is set to “blink off”, set this to on, and the next time I log into NPC alt corp chat is blinking again. Very annoying.



+1 for this

I like the idea but I wonder why

that happens?

I have 2 characters on my one account and both had different settings until I imported my settings from my main character.
I remember having all the default overview settings on my second character and nothing ever changed when I changed something on my main character on this very account.

Have you tried to import a different overview setting on one of your alts?

I haven’t, but will try and see if that sorts it out.

Edit: I recently reset everything back to defaults, to redo keymaps etc so everything was the same… and have since realised that isn’t what I actually wanted at all :slight_smile:

Edit2: So I renamed the Overview to ‘Alt1’, exported this as “Alt1 Overview”. jumped onto ‘alt2’ and it’s profile is now set to “Alt1 Overview”. I rename this to “Alt2”, export as “Alt2 Overview” and then import this over the top, so Alt2 now has “Alt2 Overview”. Close that down and log into Alt1, and it is now using “Alt2 Overview”… I also tried with the “sarah overview pack” and it seems that whatever Overview is imported on a character is then used across all characters on the account… so yeah, no idea what’s going on :confused:

Looks like I need to dig deeper into what’s going on here.


So, I found this and it doesn’t look good, specifically:

“All Overview settings are saved account wide and a change will affect all characters on the same account.”

Which is the exact opposite of what I’m after, so +1 for the original idea… and if you manage to get it working differently please let me know :slight_smile:



Aren’t they per ship? I must test this.

Besides that, for quick changes between over view settings, have a chat channel for your chars and have all your overview settings linked in the MOTD.

They are not, but feel free to test away.

That kind of defeats the purpose, I want the configured tabs to perform the designated function as soon as I select it, be that ‘navigation’ or ‘fleet’ or ‘pve’ or ‘pvp’ or whatever (drones, logi, the list goes on), it’s also why I have multiple characters, because they all do something different (some functions are shared, like ‘navigation’ but the details change depending on where in space I find myself and what activity I’m participating in). Would rather not have to waste time finding the correct chat window to get the correct overview for ‘hunting’ as it’s (usually) a time sensitive activity, or worse, have the ‘wrong’ navigation tab loaded when heading into null/wh space.

The client already differentiates between the various accounts/characters via the core_char_*.dat files, I see no reason why that couldn’t contain a link/pointer to that specific characters overview settings (including chat settings), or just encode the xml file that is the overview into the dat file so it’s loaded in when the character is loaded.

Edit: I’ll add


To clarify, i support the idea. It makes sense to have the option to configure between chars.

I was offering a workaround in the meantime.

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Yeah that’s appreciated, but on the off chance that CCP do read the thread I don’t want them thinking “oh this can be solved by a simple work around”, I want them to see that it’s a complex and nuanced issue, the sort of thing that they should invest/spend Dev Time on to come up with a resolution for. :slight_smile:


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