P.I. Alt

For sale; me Tai-Li3 I am in HS,Earwik VI - Moon 10 - Republic University.It is my Home station but normally I am found in a WH, my specialty is PI.As I normally hang out in a worm hole and don’t get out much, I’m sorry “No kill rights on me!” I am not rich but I have a positive wallet.I have no jump clones and my skill point thingy is here


To comply with the rules I must name a price; so I want 2.8 bil if you are im my Corp or 3.5 bil if you are not.

Your Skillboard Link is not Pointing to the Charakter which you are selling here. Please correct this.


You are correct, however when I extract that link and paste it in a browswer it does so the link is correct.
Please help me with this issue as I do not know how to fix it. I have tried re saving my alts character on the 3rd party web site and re copying the link and repasting the link in the post. It does not work when in your web page but it does, as did the original link, when posted in a browser. Please fix your web site or help me.

Fixed Thank you.

Free bump & 2b offer

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