P.I. -> Am I doing it right? Upgrading Links?

Hello all,

New to P.I., here is my current setup.

Extractor (4 nodes) → Storage → Basic Industry → Launchpad ← Basic Industry ← Storage ← Extractor (4 nodes)

I thought this setup was fine until I found out I could upgrade my links. Besides decreasing expedited transfer option wait time, what other benefits do they bring? All my links are ‘basic’ right now, I have no CPU/PG to upgrade them. Should I get rid of 1 extractor node on each side to do it?

Any insight from a pro?

Thanks all!

edit: if possible I’d like to get materials into basic industry and out of it sooner, its a real bottleneck in my system. Often storage gets full I need to expedite a transfer every other day.

Upgrading the links is not really necessary anymore. If memory serves, CCP increased their capacity a long time ago. The expedited transfers are only necessary to fix mistakes you made, they should not be something you use on a regular basis. I have not upgraded any links and even on my busiest T2->T3 production planet, the highest load links are at 13% capacity.

thank you for your input

@Arcturen_Sanguis where do making PI? and what you making? I can help with setups . add me in discord kritikos8#5153

If you somehow manage to get to 100% capacity on your link, then you could upgrade it. At least, I think that’s what upgrading a link is supposed to be for.

I don’t have 100% capacity on any of my links.

This is my setup. 2 x Extractors (12 nodes) > Storage > 6 basic factories > Launchad.
I’m running a 4 day cycle. Resource spot around planet move all the time. Pain in the ass but that’s what happens when you have so many nodes. I tried 14 day cycle is way too slow.
I’m running mine in null sec so each my link is at 60% capacity so I never have to upgrade my links to lvl 2.

If you don’t have cc upgrade level 5, then you should run 1 Extractor (10 nodes) > Storage > 5 Basic factories > Launch Pad. In order to run it all you need is cc upgrade lvl 3. Don’t bother with level 4 if you don’t plan to go straight to level 5, because at lvl 4 you can’t run more than 10 nodes and 6 basic factories anyway. But with lvl 5 you can run 12 nodes and 6 factories making your production way higher.

Btw, what final PI product are you planning to run and in wormhole right?

Yes in wormhole, making response drones.

Thanks for your help. Do you mind if I message you in game?

Not at all, go ahead. I play Us and Au timezones.

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