PI link capacity?

When I click on link between PI modules what does the “Capacity Used” bar mean/show? And how does it relate to needing (or just wanting?) to upgrade links?

For example: I have a link between my extractor module and storage unit. The link is the default non-graded initial link. The bar only shows a tiny part of the total bar highlighted. Does that mean the link is only using a fraction of the transfer bandwidth? Does that mean upgrading the link would be a waste of power and CPU?


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Upgrading the link can be done for two reasons.

  1. The link is overloaded (100%) and you’re trying to transfer more through it than fits
  2. You want to use to use ‘expedited transfers’ more regularly, as an upgraded link reduces cooldown

But you’re right, upgrading a link otherwise is a waste of power and CPU.

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I’ve settled on doing extractor planets using an upgraded link myself, with the basic industrial facilities all in one place but the extractor and a directly adjacent storage silo elsewhere, easy to decommission/replace when I need to move locations.

In some cases, extraction exceeds a normal link’s capacity - but if I have the extractor routed to a silo right next to it, THEN to the indy facilities, then output to launchpads, things can work swimmingly by upgrading the link between the right-next-to-each-other extractor and silo (taking very little additional power/cpu), and from there things can be routed with no issue at all.

In this case at least, I’ve found upgrading the link to not be a waste - but yeah, power/CPU usage scales up a LOT with a long link.

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That configuration must be “costing” you a fortune in power and CPU to cover that distance! :open_mouth:

On a planet with a small enough radius, you can reach a significant distance or even nearly the whole way around before you reach the limit - even on larger ones, this still gives more than enough room to reposition the extractor+silo to a better spot if you need :slight_smile: And CCU V is fabulous in these situations

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Usually Link Upgrades are not needed until you get to WH/NS PI.

I’m doing a lot of my PI in J space.

I re-did all my PI links and saved alot of CPU staying with the basic/default/initial links. Enough to add more structures on many of my planets. The most usage of a basic link was 47% so I’m good right now.