P.M.C. Black Sun; Complete any job, any trade, anywhere

Private Military Company - "Black Sun"

A Company of mercenaries that work tirelessly within empire space to maintain “galactic peace” through balanced standings within major empires by engaging in security, escort and distribution missions.

This is what enables the PMCBS to freely travel throughout empire’s space.
Allowing PMCBS to complete any job, any trade, and fly any ship anywhere within the empires.


  • We Offer -
    A 1% Tax rate; Pilots make more ISK than in NPC faction and helps us pay the bills, We’ll all be one big happy family.
    +Encouraged & Lucrative Teamwork/Scheduled Security III Fleet runs @ 22:00 “4pm(CDT)”
    PvE; Security/Distribution Mission Assistance - Levels 1, 2, & 3
    +“Salvage unit” is trusted to calculate and keep 80% of the est. isk from security mission loot retaining all loot for their own discretion. Divided payouts of 20% est. isk to combat unit is appropriate and appreciated.
    +Counseling in Balancing Empire Standings
    +Trade within all Major Empire’s Space
    +Company Ship Fittings Registry
    +Industry / ammunition distribution (Coming soon)
    PvP; Classified Player Contracts
  • Discord Voice Chat

  • A recently revived corporation; Plenty of room for establishment and promotions.
    We make quick ISK through grouping up and clearing security jobs with a salvage unit.
    We also take on player contracts from time to time.

PMCBS Motto - “Victory to the Quick ISK”

    (CEO’s Hours) 22:00 - Daily
    (Which is 4pm CDT, CEO and Officers will be required to play one hour minimum daily;
    Answering messages, participating in operations, checking inventory logs and attending meetings.)

    Members must be active at least once a week, or exceptions of informed leave of absence.

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