P2 PI manageable?

I found myself in a wh that the inly PI I can do is up to P2 due to the limited planet types.

How hard is it with the logistics , anybody tried that and worked out fine?


I’m currently producing P2 with 3 toons because that’s the best money in my situation. The logistics is certainly manageable - I fly a DST or two full of the stuff to Jita whenever our hisec static is close. Your mileage might vary if you run a huge farm with 30 toons deep in Null.


P2 on a single planet is the least effort way to make PI. Set the extraction cycle for 2 days 1 hour for max profit, or 7 day cycle for least effort. With a 7 day cycle I would only have to haul PI out of the POCO about every 3 weeks.

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