Paid subscription. Proposals to improve the Game

For the paid subscription is to be comfortable and devoid of dull monotony.


  1. I play EVE Online since 2014. EVE Online is the only game that I play.
  2. I have little free time.
  3. I pay for the game (paid subscription), willing to suffer (this is the main attraction of the game and the excitement - just kidding), but I want to suffer to play comfortably.
  4. ISK earnings on interest me content is monotonous, boring and monotonous. It requires a lot of time.

The idea:
to bring into play a unique opportunity for players with paid subscription (paid subscription is a prerequisite)

Offers (at the level of the theses considered only those game mechanics, with which I am familiar):

  1. Planetary production:
    1.1. Automatic extraction restart (once a week, for compliance purposes production balance. Players who are ready to restart production once an hour will be, as now, to produce more)
    1.2. Automatic process recycling on the planets (the production chain are working, you need a car CONCLUSIONS Lake - transfer materials / materials for custom storage for later removal and back - with customs warehouse to planetary locations)
    1.3. Automatic logistics between the planets (between customs terminals Warehouse for implementing complex production schemes using NPC ships)-.
    1.4. Automatic logistics planet base and base - planet (with the help of NPC ships for the implementation of complex schemes of production and export of the final product.)
  2. Scout probe (or drone scout):
    2.1. A Scout probe (or probes) start player and offline searching for unique anomalies in cosmo (date, relic, fighting)
    2.2. Off-line search for anomalies, the player may leave the game, but the Scout probe will continue to search for
    2.3. only the scout probe can find data anomalies (with probe anomalies can not be found)
    2.4. The player sees the anomalies found in the Expedition window and can pass himself or sell the beeches on the market
  3. NPC guards Player:
    3.1. Hiring for ISK ships NPC guards. Fleet protection is determined by the player. Limiting the only budget
    3.2. player is able to induce protection in the NPC system, with any level of security (including hi-sector protection of war corps and bounty hunters under the license to kill)
    3.3. NPC guards, as the player is not subjected to police attack, if not they were the initiators of the aggression (including the player can fly with the NPC guards and complete missions or other combat missions)
  4. NPC couriers:
    4.1. Acceptance and implementation of courier contracts, if none of the real players are not received within a specified time
  5. Last chance Weapon:
    5.1. unique suspension equipment ships (can be realized through the mechanics of drone bombs of different types), which is intended to save the ship the player
    applies to the players for causing aggression (including entering into the fleet aggression initiator)
    5.2. Drone launched and attacks the selected ship. When entering the orbit determination explodes, thus: neutron explosion causes complete discharge capacitor of the ship; thermal explosion - causes damage modules from overheating; electromagnetic explosion - knocks capture purposes in ship
  6. Production brands:
    6.1. Display on the product (module, ammunition, equipment, ship - on everything that made the players) the serial number of the product and the name of corporations and Player Manufacturer Alliance (Rattlesnake AAA 000001 Gamername, Corpname, Alliancename )
    6.2. This will make the market speculation on the mechanics of branded products (as in real life), where the manufacturer’s name will affect the price of the product
    6.3. unique features of brands (such as: + some% added to the feature)

The mechanics can be implementation by introducing special skills (book).

For the CCP might be interested attracting an increasing number of paid players, but as a result of more resources for the development of this great game.

Change, we are waiting for change. (V. Tsoi)
… still waiting. (Gregory Notlook)
Thanks! …and sorry, for my english

No thanks to turning the game into P2W…


Wasn’t this game always P2W actually? I mean the efficiency of your gameplay relies a lot on how many accounts you can afford. And with the new launcher it has become much easier to run multiple accounts, so this kind of gameplay is encouraged by the devs.

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There’s a difference between your ability to multibox and getting stuff done automatically for you just because you pay for the subscription.


Define “win”. Eve has no end game or ultimate quest where the music plays, the credits roll and everybody agrees you’ve won.

In the sandbox, we each have our own subjective definition of winning. Are we getting good value for the time, money or other resources we invest in the game?

Some are motivated by the size of their killboard, others the size of their wallet, many by the social connections they’ve established with other players.

I disagree that people who pay should be given an “easy” button. Eve is hard and that’s part of the challenge that keeps many of us logging in.

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In this case? Well, you have lot of advantages from players playing for free from isk.

Kid with big wallet want to be better from those who has more time for play but this not gonna happen or EVE will be dead.

To OP. If you can’t enjoy game because is based on doing same thing over and over, just quit. Or simple, find small corp which will become your second family and enjoy time spent with them not game.

It’s not necessarily about winning, but paying to get advantage. If one person with two accounts can achieve more/can be more efficient than two people (together) who play on a single account, then isn’t it technically P2W?
Probably not the best example, but isn’t that how bot miners work? Is it easier to mine on multiple accounts to plex them all from the market, than for a single account miner?

About the OP: why exactly should we make a difference between subscribers and plex buyers? The only difference is the paying method. Not counting that 1 month subscription is about 25% cheaper for than 1 month plexing.

1: PI would need a complete rework, but not making it automatic. Though I wouldn’t mind if I could remotely send the products from one planet to another in the same system by hiring NPC haulers.
2: the scanning requires actual experience and patience, it shouldn’t be automatic, especially not only automatic if I got 2.3 right.
5: drone smartbombs? Or are those actual bombs? Though I have to admit, a bomb that causes overheat effects is quite interesting.
6: this would make the market unmanageable. Manufacturing is only important if you are the manufacturer: the required material and time reductions and the market manipulation make the profit, not brands. Basically you aren’t making your own stuff, you only buy the license to make certain items. Also, there is no reason to have slightly different versions of the same items. Each different stat you can make slightly different would multiply the number of items the system needs to track. Imagine that each subsystem on an old T3C is one stat you can modify. This would make the market have 1024 times as many objects as now. If you add branding too, then the number becomes literally infinite. CCP should buy 3 more servers just to manage the in-game market.

1-5. No to autonomy. Autonomy makes activity worthless. Eve is built around players doing the work because that is what creates value, which drives the market.

  1. No. Eve does not handle unique items well.

Suggestion, get into pvp. Its what eve’s really about. The other players will keep you on your toes.

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Assuming you have a boost source (aka fleet ops) generally speaking no, it’s just as long for a multiboxer (Who are not botters) to plex their accounts as for a single account miner. The difference comes after the plexxing, once you have put the hours into plex it’s pure profit and the multibox miner running 10 accounts is obviously getting 10 times the profit.

No thanks. Almost all of this would be terrible.

The PI hiring of NPCs to move stuff between planets, I’m almost positive has been mentioned as something they want to do.

So first of all, what drugs are you on? If none, I suggest you check yourself into an idiot asylum.

There are very clear benefits for those who subscribe to the game, either via plex or via their monthly subscription.

That sounds like a “you” problem. If you don’t have time, why should you be able to pay to keep up to people who put in hard work?

The redundancy department of redundancy would like a word to have a word with you.

No, it’s already passive risk-free income. You do need to earn things yourself, even in a video game.

No, you need to do things for yourself, even in a video game.

Only if I can pay them more isk to kill you. Repeatedly.

Pay more reward isk. If nobody’s taking your jobs, there’s probably a reason for it.

What in the actual ■■■■ kind of idea is this?

The database structure makes this idea technically impossible.

People, thanks for the feedback!
Indeed, the main idea sentences is the translation of the part of the mechanic of the game in off-line (now it is not enough) + simplify certain game content.
Each item is only a thesis. The study of everything can be balanced so as not to violate any economy, not the gameplay (PVE, PVP).
In any case, CCP is a commercial entity that needs to retrieve to arrive, and the improvement of service towards customers (players) is the key to increase revenue. CCP will be fine, will be good for all of us …and Vice versa )). …to do something must.

OP, seriously, if EVE is so boring to you that you feel the need to automate everything, EVE may be not for you.

Alternative answer: Everything you want is already part of the game. It’s called “buy PLEX” and “sell PLEX for ISK”. Just roleplay your weird automization fetish every time you do this.

  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. Maybe.
  4. Not possible. After launching private citadels there are too many courier scams. Impelending sich feature will just increase the amount of scams.
  5. No. Lame.
  6. Brands and manufacture does not have any effect in opened market especially when you have access to whole market (all prices, demands and offers).

About first 2 points: CCP trying to get rid of offline/AFK farming as it brings disbalnce to the game. What we have at the moment: empty null territories because owners do not play eve, they just do offline moon harvesting and they login to drop 30 mothers only in case of somebody wants to destroy pos-harvester.
Your ideas is to bring more offline farming so less ppl will play, they will just rise macrobpts to run PI and scanning.
Rubbish idea, seriously.
You want ISK - you have to play.
The fact that the process of farming is boring is an another issue.