Regression player advice

I am an old EVE player. After logging in for free this time, I came back and watched it for a few days. I want to give you my suggestions.

What EVE lacks is not the game screen, but the lack of gameplay.

I am a game tester with many years of experience in online games.

My advice to you is

First: Increase the personalization of the spaceship’s firing screen, use plex to purchase limited firing effects, unique shooting effects, current skins, and shooting screens, which are too common and require individuals to be different, which can increase the income of eve game companies.

Second: Personalized ID names, highlighted or distinctive skins, which can only be purchased in shopping malls. The tail flame of the spacecraft is different, the special effects are different, and the display is different.

Third: The plex in the game adds a roulette drawing method, drawing rare blueprints, point cards, monthly cards, rare items and so on. Gambling-like, with added gameplay,

Fourth: Increase alliance activity. For example, every month, each alliance needs to occupy certain locations. After the occupation, after the settlement date, the CEO can purchase rare TT blueprints, etc., or increase the accelerator time of alliance members, increase the income time, and pay at settlement After the day, the alliance will get personalized skins, ships, blueprints or can purchase rare blueprint qualifications, rare personalized skins, rare names and other high-value rewards. Let the alliance be active.

What EVE lacks is not adding new ships, new skins, and better graphics. What it lacks is gameplay, allowing players to go online to do things and activate players.

Veteran players feel that the current game content is not interesting






第一:增加飞船开火画面个性化,用 plex购买 限定的开火特效,与众不同的射击特效,现在的皮肤,和射击画面,过于普通,需要的个人与众不同,可以增加eve游戏公司收入。

第二: ID名称个性化,高亮或者与众不同的 皮肤,只能商场购买,飞船的尾焰与众不同,特效不一样,显示与众不同,




No. This game is rated pg-13 , or PEGI-12 meaning 13 yr olds and up can play this. Gambling does not belong in this or any game that teens have access to play.

Stuff like this would affect server. No its fine how it is. Unlike all other online games EVE Online is unique in that it is essentially one server, not hundreds or whatever like other games.

You can buy skins in the NES store with PLEX.


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