Painful topic key binds C'MON!

(Robert Caldera) #1

please, for the love of god, after 10 years give us a way to export/import key binds, setting the same ■■■■ across x accounts sucks balls, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE YOU GOT TO CLEAR THE EXISTING ONES PRIOR ASSIGNING NEW ONES!!

Can we have a “Do you want to remap to ?” instead of plain refusing to change a new shortcut?

(z0rberg) #2
  • Have default installation
  • Make a copy into a different directory
  • Make a copy of the directories in /user/
  • Start one of the two installations and change the settings
  • Exit
  • Compare files to find which one’s the one with the setting
  • Copy file over to the other installation and make a backup

Have you tried this?

(Nevyn Auscent) #3

I’m pretty sure under manage accounts there is a copy setting. not at my computer to be sure.

(system) #4

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