Paladin Lighting Cloud - Bug?

I logged in today and my Paladin is surrounded in clouds and shooting lighting bolts, like it’s having a serious electrical problem. I flipped through skins and this effect shows up on about half of them, and not on the other half, so I suspect it’s a display bug?

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are you using that skin that can do that

Its a known bug, already confirmed by ccp in the feedback thread

That was a very cool bug, hope they dont remove it!


Nope, its not just your Paladin. On the way back from a mission in Nightmares and Phantasms on Monday I spotted lightning in space…even commented in comms ’ was that lightning I just saw ?'. I didn’t mention the matter further in case my corp mates thought I’d gone mad. But yes, there was lightning. I definitely saw it…in space.

maybe your paladin is angry with you


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Lignting cloud effect for those who dont have a pali


Very cool, but would get annoying after a short time

Definitely cool, should have it happen just before firing weapons like it’s charging up… :wink:

If CCP would make a skin like this, I might consider buying skins.

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