Cloud of Light in Anomalies and Missions

CCP, Please Get Rid of the Cloud of Light in Anomalies and Missions. Spare me the Glare. It ruins the up-close graphics/colors and makes no sense.

I enjoy doing my missions and anomalies in blaster/drone fits. The up-close graphics are awesome! Explosions graphics, skins, structure detail, and weapon turret graphics are some of my favorite reasons. But after ten years of playing Eve, it also provides more challenge. Win-win for me.

The cloud of light is that inexplicable bright cloud of off-white or yellow in some anomalies and missions. Up close, it is blinding and distorts all the wonderful colors of Eve. It is unnecessarily hard on graphics cards, for no benefit, that I can ascertain. In some sites, it is a darker blue or crimson. This is better.

Let the Structures, Ships and Actions provide the light; through reflection of the local star, weapons fire, engines, structure & ship lighting and awesome explosion effects: for a more immersive setting. Our skin collections will look better too. My graphics card and I thank you.

Dajat Lemmont

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This is not a new issue. But with all the emphasis on the graphic quality and experience of this game, it seems like it needs to be revisited.

You can zoom out or turn away from “gas clouds”. But what to do with skybox?

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Yeah, those clouds emitting lights… non-sense.
Agrees for Amarr space, especially in some sytems where the brighter clouds are “above”, and the camera angle is set in that direction by default when undocking from stations where you undock from under the station.
Also, Caldari high sec space in general, and Lonetreck in particular is destroying my eyes.

I always have to zoom out and try to move the camera to find the one darker spot in space. So I’m never looking at any ship (mine or else), and end up just looking at triangles on the overview panel…

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