A few too many clouds in mining missions

I have an technical issue with some mining missions, L4 in particular.
If I don’t have my shaders to low, the colored clouds visible in the mission anomalies make my computer go quite high in temperatures and fans speed, but doesn’t have any issue as soon as I exit the anomaly or make the clouds disapear by putting the Shaders setting on low.
I noticed that there is actually a lof of these clouds in the mission anomalies, with some smaller clouds stacked inside bigger clouds.
Would it be possible to have less clouds in these anoms please ?

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If you have troubles with specific missions or dungeons - bug report them. As known from various dev posts here and on reddit, that is the proper way. They cannot fix all clouds automatically, but probably will optimize objects count when such issues arise.

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I will do it then with screens of all the missions causing troubles, maybe we could get to make up for less clouds to have the asteroid belt environnemental effect, it doesn’t seem as much resources intensive for me.

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