Problem with Gas Clouds

Hello everyone !

I am currently a young player but it’s been some days already I noticed a problem.
Currently, my computer is powerful enough to have my lone client running on top quality with everything on the High setting (even Anti-Aliasing) and manage to run with a bit more than 60 FPS.

However, at almost every mission pocket I run in High Security Space, there is some kind of “Gas Cloud” (I think it’s like that we name them). They do not appear as harvestable cloud on the Overview so I suppose it’s part of the decor. The problem is that those things are so present in every pocket that my performances drop to 30, if not 15, FPS, and I’m forced to change quality settings on the fly, which can be troublesome while in a room with a lot of incomming DPS.

I would like to know : does anyone else also have this problem ? And is CCP planing to do something about in the coming updates ?

Thanks in advance !

P.S : Sorry if I am not in the right topic :confused:

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Gas clouds in non-mining missions (and even most of them) are indeed just decor. They have already been optimize to improve performance. If that was not enough for your machine, you should try to reduce the Shader quality to medium. That should remove the gas clouds.

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Ah, thanks mate !

Yes those clouds are horrible on fps they may aswel remove them and replace the designs with clouds similar to abyssal ones

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