Please can I have a sunvisor?

It’s not like we’re on Earth in the 1920’s ha


If you being sarcastic about excessive brightness in the EVE galaxy, yeah it needs a tone down.

If it’s about the event, then I’m clueless.

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Somewhere in Amarr space…


Yep - I might have to resort to sunglasses :sunglasses:

Yeah… it’s a little too bright out there sometimes.


Absolutely. I never played a video game with sunglasses on but I’m seriously considering it. :sunglasses:

I feel you, I keep turning the camera to avoid the light in my eyes.

And, if you’re mining, the asteroid view seems to be 90% of the time just off the sun

I tell ya, these sunglasses are useless.


Eve was better before they “fixed” it.


CCP…while you’re at it, please bring back forum sigs.

/signed again!

This baby ain’t closing!!!

I almost cried when I found out I couldn’t use Crumplecorn’s sigs on the new forums :frowning:

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Please stay on topic - MAYBE somebody will read this thread and fix the bright lights

@Koyaan_i_Squatchi There can be 2k on-topic replies and it wouldn’t change anything. CCP isn’t listening or doing anything that their players want since - of course - it’s CCP’s game, they will do whatever they wish whenever they wish so writing in the forum with trepidation and hope that a suggestion will be heeded is a fool’s errand and useless.
There have been lots of complaints about the skybox being too bright for a year now and all that CCP has done about it is nothing and all they have said about it is nothing. No need to keep asking to change things, CCP is going to do what CCP has to do, no more no less.

Its especially a problem in Caldari space…with the galactic clouds. It’s not so much irritation at the brightness itself…as it is an issue of those bright clouds making Overview and other things much harder to actually read.

This really sucks in Amarr space too. Half the systems are just bright orange. Now I know we Amarrians like being close to the “Light”, but omg I can’t even see what modules are on half the time.

PLEASE CCP, Turn down the pretties.

Cilla, if you right click on the top bar of your overview windows, you can “disable light background”. It helps a LOT as then the box is a more solid grey. Doesn’t help with the modules and such though



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