Pan Galactic Corporation is Recruiting!

Pan Galactic Corporation has diverse business concerns across numerous fields such as, Finance, Industrial Research, Exploration, Investment, Mining, Manufacturing and Trade.

Pan Galactic Corporation started out as a simple Mining Consortium before moving into shipping, exploration, and manufacturing. Today PGC has expanded into numerous fields of activity and is in need of new recruits to aid in its expansion.

Pan Galactic Corporation is recruiting now!

Pan Galactic is offering opportunities to new pilots as well as experienced professionals, apply now to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly expanding corporation. Each member of the PGC Board of directors has over a decade of experience in New Eden and can offer invaluable insight and knowledge to both new and not so new pilots.

PGC currently confines its activities to Hi-sec space but plans to expand to Low-sec/Null-sec in the future. When PGC does expand it will maintain both Low-sec and High-sec divisions in order to provide opportunities for pilots of differing interest and skill sets.

We currently offer:

Orca Boosted mining fleets in High sec systems.

Mission running fleets.

Ratting fleets for High Sec.

Classes and personal training with experienced pilots.


We are an English speaking Corp so speaking fluent English is a requirement.

Back Ground checks are mandatory.

Voice Communications through Discord is an absolute requirement.

Successful candidates will be team players, courteous, and loyal.

Do you have what it takes?

Apply today!

Officium, Honorem, Fraternitatis

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