Pan Stelar Mining Corporation

Greetings fellow space travelers. First and foremost, let me introduce myself. My name is Benedikt Thara and like most of you out there, I’m a casual Eve player. I have started this corporation in hope that I can find similar people that can share the goals of expanding and growing your personal wealth and leaving your mark in this vastness of space. Also, I’m looking for players that will share my vision of the big industry corporation. I will try to explain what is that I expect from you if you want to join mine endeavor.

I’m looking for dedicated players, but everybody is free to join. Newbies are welcome as I can provide support and basic training skills. At this point I can provide daily ORCA support. Big win for the corporation will be players whit good reprocessing skills. But in general all are welcome… Corporation tax will be 5%. Every player will have insight into corporate spending.
The first goal is to make core of dedicated players and then move in which direction we chose.

Fly safe! Benedikt Thare CEO

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