PandaCorp - PvP/Indi/PvE - Null NPC space! - Looking for all players!

  • Do you want to be in a Corp where you can help & shape its future?
  • Do you want to build something new instead of it all being done for you?
  • Do you want to be more than just another member or number in fleet?
  • Do you want to be known as a pilot and a member of a team?
  • Do you want to become someone different?

Here at Panda Corp, we are a small band of pilots who want to forge their own path. Founded by returning players who have done sov. they started a Corp with the intention of being self-sufficient while also offering small fleet pvp, not relying on the large bloc alliances and their vast wealth. Located within null sec, in a secure area with pvp, ratting and mining available. For safer living and improved bonuses to research and manufacturing, there is Corporation owned citadels and engineering complexes.

We are looking for like minded players that would like become a member of our team to help us grow. We are mainly EU based but do have a couple of dedicated US players and looking to grow both time zones. We’re looking for people who want to do more than just be told where to fly and what to shoot, what to mine or what to build; or people who don’t want to blindly follow the commands of someone way up high in their ivory tower. We’re looking for someone who wants to be apart of the decisions that will shape the way the corporation develops. We’re looking for people who want to be a part of building something!

What we offer:

-0.0 Space (with Corp Citadels)
-Small fleet PvP
-Null sec ore mining
-Industry opportunities (reprocessing & bpo research/invention & manufacturing)
-Small fleet PvE (DED combat sites etc)
-Experienced members willing to offer advice
-Mainly EU but also USA timezones
-Newbro friendly

And…… A chance to be more than just a pilot.

If you are interested in becoming part of our corp please evemail Panda Pelling (EU)

still recruiting and new member off [ECHO] alliance! Come join us!

we’re now proud owners of our very own sov!

we’re expanding, come check us out!

more sov taken, more targets too shoot!, looking for more players too shoot with

we’re still looking for active PvP and PvE pilots, come make some isk, kill some fools!

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