PANDORA News Roundup - March YC124


Hello and good evening.

This is PANDORA News for March YC 124 in the New Eden Universe of EvE Online.

Our monthly news covers significant campaigns and missions at
and other events in New Eden.

This broadcast covers the following subjects

Our monthly faction warfare campaign - arm your weapons - continues as a campaign for each of the four factions. As mentioned in our previous news report, this monthly campaign was modified for January onwards to reward the top 3 for each faction.

The top capsuleers for each faction throughout January are as follows:

For the Amarr
Terminator9999 - 400m ISK
Diabolic09 - 300m ISK
Aldrith Shutaq - 200m ISK

For the Caldari
Rush Alderone - 400m ISK
Aeryn Tiberius - 300m ISK
Henrik Suzaku - 200m ISK

For the Minmatar and Gallente factions for this campaign, we have an agreement in place with Shifting Suns Industries to supply a ship, with a fitting of choice up to the value of the reward including delivery.

For the Gallente
Alexandar Kardieu Ship + Fit to the value of 400m ISK
Lestallia + Fit to the value of 300m ISK
Ekron Eratheon Ship + Fit to the value of 200m ISK

For the Minmatar
Forty Winks Ship + Fit to the value of 400m ISK
Nitro DSP Ship + Fit to the value of 300m ISK
Yene Fik’r Ship + Fit to the value of 200m ISK

The Triple Crown condition is yet to be decided with Alexander yet to claim their first place recognition. As mentioned in last month’s news broadcast, if two capsuleers should come top in any two factions, they will all meet in a Tech 1 frigate free for all of three rounds where implants are allowed. A points system will be in place for each round where the last man standing will be rewarded 5 points, second will be rewarded 3 points. A total maximum of 15 points is possible after 3 rounds. At the end of the three rounds, each point will reward the capsuleer with 100 million isk.

Should Alexander not make his claim, it will result in Rush Alderone being declared as the sole Triple Champion, claiming a billion isk reward prize.]


In the early days of March, Gerard Vineyard of Aideron Robotics continued to devise his plans against the Caldari militia and other disrupting factors with a campaign titled Essence Patrol.

This campaign used a points based system with 1 point for offensive strikes against Caldari held systems and 1.5 strikes for defending in Gallente held systems. The campaign description is as follows:

“We have seen an increase of non-combatant occupation of complexes across the region. The goal of this campaign is to hit these non-combatants - (and combatants as well, we don’t discriminate) - in the wallet and make them reconsider their chosen profession of squatting in complexes where they don’t belong.”

Reward claims were made on this campaign by the following:
Alexander Kardieu - 100 MILLION ISK

Kassi Othelia - 21,210,000 ISK

Edward en Gravonere - 21,210,000 ISK

Hans Ludemann - 13,130,000 ISK

Quinn Rhodes - 9,090,000 ISK

Yalisamaeus ya Yyla - 3,030,000 ISK


The new Notifications Panel gives the users immediate access to campaigns and missions they are currently involved in and campaigns that have ended which have rewards for them to claim.
Pandora statistics and standings for the user, their corporation and their alliance can also be found in this section as well as News reports, After Action Reports and Historical entries by their corporation and alliance administrators.
News, After Action Reports and Historical entries for all Pandora entries can also be found in the global section of this area.
This Panel will soon be moved to its own section.

The Content Management area allows corporation and alliance administrators to add News, After Action Reports and Historical entries for their corporation or alliance.
Here you will also find the ability to create currently available campaign and mission types. The existing user guide videos will be replaced shortly with guides for this new area.
This area will soon be moved to it’s own section.

The Faction Warfare section has been revamped to show full statistics for each of the four factions, the top ranking corporations and the top ranking capsuleers.

Here you will also find the latest state of each system and their changes charted over the past 2 hours.

Campaigns that are strictly faction warfare related can also be found here. In the coming weeks, Pandora will also automatically create offensive and defensive campaigns for systems that reach 90% contested states (more soon).

This concludes eve pandora insider news for March YC 124.

We will be back in early May with coverage for April campaigns, news and events.

If you have news and events you’d like to see included, make sure to get in touch.

Join our discord channel for automated reward notifications on campaigns you have been involved in and automated faction warfare system control changes.

I look forward to hearing more from you, erm, now?


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