PANDORA News Roundup - December YC123


News for December YC 123 in the New Eden Universe of EvE Online covering significant campaigns and missions at and other events in New Eden.

We will be back in early February with coverage for January campaigns and missions and insider news and events. If you have news and events you’d like to see included - make sure to get in touch.

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This broadcast covers the following subjects

Arm Your Weapons - four monthly campaigns - one for each of the four militias - began for the first time on the 1st of December. tracking kills for each of the four faction militias, the following pilots came out on top for their factions:

Amarr: Vilksun Schlonge
Caldari: Rush Alderone
Gallente: Alexamder Kardieu
Minmatar: Forty Winks

We have modified this campaign to reward the top 3 killers for each faction for this campaign starting from January.

The December Pegeler Combat Derby began on the 2nd of December.

This campaign specifically recognised capsuleers with the killing blow in the lawless systems within the Pegeler constellation. The system of Aubenall has seen a high number of kills during this campaign, with members from Goonswarm and The Initiative being heavily involved. Sitting within a contested area, both Caldari and Gallente militia capsuleers have suffered losses during this campaign.

A total of 100 members were involved, with a total of 362 kills between them. Top spot was taken by Madcap with a total of 79 kills and a reward of 300 million isk - followed by Zyexal with 25 kills and 200 million isk… At the time of this news release, Hadiena has yet to claim their 3rd place reward of 100 million isk with 24 kills.

Space Patrol

On the 4th of December, we were made aware of piracy activities along the Jita traderoute following a broadcast by Githany Red of New Eden Police Force.

On more than one occasion, Githany was able to prevent successful piracy attacks on trade vessels by assisting with preventative measures . We at Eve Pandora launched a campaign in relation to these attacks. Our correspondent in the area gave a news broadcast at the time and we will be launching further campaigns against Safety and other pirates in the area in the coming days.

A Hole In The Market

On 28th December, DeT Resprox launched a campaign which appears to be a direct strike at the Amarr markets. Titled “A Hole In The Market”, the campaign itself specifically designates that all industrial and mining vessels in Amarr and it’s surrounding systems should be treated as a target. The campaign also states that individual ice systems are also to be considered as targets.

This has been regarded by many as a direct declaration of pirate activity through proxy against the Amarr Empire by DeT Resprox who appears to be acting alone in their actions.

However, it appears there may be more to this. Last month, we reported that Resprox had created multiple missions requesting the supply of minerals to be provided to an unknown third party for the production of a number of combat vessels in Rens. While we could gather no further information in our enquiries as to who this may be for, an individual named Jukenairos Kado came forward.

Jukeneiros had previously made a failed hack attempt on a campaign created by Resprox but had been observing activities in Rens throughout December. He tells us that on one occasion that he had seen Branka Adovic deliver minerals to Rens which was delivered to the cargo bay that Resprox has temporarily rented out as mentioned last month.

He then tells us that during a further observation on December 29th he followed two Fenrir class freighters heading from Rens towards the Amarr border which has been loaded from the same cargo bay in Rens. Both Branka Adovic and Det Rresprox have been unavailable for comment at this time.

However, if this turns out to be true, we firmly believe that the supply of minerals and this campaign could escalate into something further.

Shifting Suns Industries supply agreement

We are delighted to confirm that a supply arrangement has been agreed with Shifting Suns Industries.

Following talks over several days with Sasha Raine, CEO of Shifting Suns Industries [SSND], SSND will now be the supplier of fitted vessels claimed as rewards through our campaigns and missions.

Shifting Suns Industries is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing & delivering fully fitted ships in bulk, providing two key services. These can be found on their website at

Shifting Suns Industries now feature as an advertiser on our home page. Visit the Shifting Suns Industries comms channels for more info.


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