PANDORA News Roundup - November YC123

Hello and welcome to the PANDORA monthly news service.

Here, in our first instalment, we take a look at what happened in November YC 123.

Our News broadcast for November can be found through our channel feeds here:

Much of November saw campaigns launched by capsuleers of the Minmatar Republic aimed at laying siege to Amarrian held systems. We also have an interview with Yene Fik’r who played a key role in these campaigns.

PIE Inc. have released their public documentation to PANDORA and as such we have placed it on their portal for all to see. While in other news, capsuleers have been running mineral supply missions for DeT Resprox who appears to be acting as a middle-man for an unknown source.

This concludes PANDORA Insider News for November YC 123. We will be back in early January with news and coverage for December campaigns, missions and significant Insider news and events.

If you have news you’d like to see, make sure to get in touch - find us in channel evepandora.


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