PANDORA - Spacelane Patrol

Spacelane Patrol campaign video broadcast [CLICK FOR MORE INFO]

Jita 4-4, the prime trade hub of New Eden where the system is a hive of activity on a daily basis as traders ply their trade on the market. However, the safe travels of those visiting and leaving Jita is never guaranteed.

In the late hours of the 3rd december YC123, trade vessels in Uedama came under fire from alliance members of Safety.

This attack has continued and we can confirm that CONCORD has been assisted on sight by capsuleers willing to put up a fight to protect the tradelanes to and from Jita.

One such incident saw Eric Snarski come under fire. Githany Red of New Eden Police Force was on hand to assist the freighter in repairing it’s shields - thus preventing loss.

However, others have been less fortunate. A Fenrir class freighter piloted by Xilian Tyaena of Astral Acquisitions Inc. Was engaged by multiple members of Safety as they entered Uedama. It is believed that Xilian had autopilot engaged during their travels.

Members of Goonswarm have since joined in pirate activities in the area. Concord presence is high at this time, however poor communication relays in the area and an increase in activity have meant that concord have not been able to assist many pilots in time.

Spacelane Patrol, a campaign created by Pandora in recognition of this recent piracy was activated following the report by Githany Red.

We are offering 250 thousand ISK per pirate killed to a maximum of 25 million ISK per member involved. The Capsuleer with the most kills against pirates will be rewarded an additional 75 million ISK at the end of this campaign, ending on the 18th of December.

Willing Capsuleers, must have a security status of 0.5 or above and the pirate killed must have a security status of -5.0 or less.

We have reached out to CONCORD for comment on the escalating situation.
These tradelanes need protecting and CONCORD needs your assistance.



That would be the Ministry of Love, a Special Interest Group (SIG). They’ve been doing that sort of thing longer than Safety, and I’m pretty sure there are more people in the SIG than in Safety. It’d be more accurate to say the other pirates have joined them in those activities.

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If you honestly believe this will succeed you are, at best, niave and at worst, a fool.

When I was in CODE. all that so-called ‘anti-ganker’ presence would do was to harden our resolve and target more and more grand targets. It’s a spiritual mission, not an economic one. A calling, not a career.

You want to know a really funny thing? Our biggest form of external recruitment was actually from anti-gankers. They would join us with the intent of trying to fleet warp us to a target to kill us or try to hinder our timings to give Concord a bigger chance. However, before anyone can join a fleet, they have to undergo the Baptism of Fire and successfully attack a vessel themselves.

What they usually find is the comeraderie and spiritual fulfillment that comes from purging High Sec space of undesirables is greater than solo hunting a group of gankers through space based on bad tip-offs only to find you didn’t make a difference at all.

It’s unfortunate that this bounty is limited to capsuleers with high security status.

So as I cannot participate, I wish those who can luck.

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