Is Jita market in high sec NPC place?

Is Jita market in high sec NPC owned area? I haven’t been there before, but recently finished my career missions at my academy and am thinking of moving to a more popular place while still in high sec.

Jita is a system “owned” by the Caldari State, an NPC faction and one of the four major Empires of New Eden.

Statistically, it is one of the more dangerous places in highsec but it certainly is popular. So popular in fact, CCP moved pretty much everything else but the stations (mission agents, mining, etc.) long ago. However, setting up near there is a perfectly reasonable idea.

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Even though Jita is in a 1.0 Sec System, and CONCORD is the “quickest” when punishing those who commit a crime, as Pedro said, it is one of the more dangerous parts of space, especially at the actual trade hub itself.

I’d recommend locating 3-5 jumps away from Jita and sparingly go to Jita. Avoid local chat, and you’ll be good to go :smiley:

could you explain to me how it is still dangerous despite being a 1.0 sec place? Isn’t 1.0 the highest?

And why avoid local chat? Not that I use it that much.

No area of space is safe in EVE. The security status doesn’t mean its safe, it means Security. So if someone commits a crime, CONCORD responds faster in higher security areas of space. But they are responding to punish, not to protect. That is a key thing to always remember. CONCORD is not protecting you, they are punishing who committed a crime, like suicide ganking, destroying a wreck, shooting someone without being in a war, or a duel etc.

Jita Local chat is mostly spam bots or scammers in general. Ex. “Send me 1 Mil isk, i’ll double it”. You just lost a Mil isk if you fall for that.

When you learn that a lot of things that are wrong or immoral or illegal in real life, is perfectly legal and condoned by CCP in game, then you’ll either realize its not for you, or you want to be apart of the action.

To be pedantic, it is a 0.9 system not 1.0, although this makes little difference. :slight_smile:

Mechanically, it is near the safest in the game as a 0.9 system - CONCORD responds very fast and all the other deterrents against highsec aggression are there. Statistically, it is sometimes the most dangerous system in the game because it is so popular, both with traders and with the pirates who make a living off the traders. Huge numbers of people go in and out with Billions of ISK worth of goods, so where the gazelles go, so do the lions!

In Eve, nowhere is safe, so piracy takes place even in Jita. Honestly, it isn’t something that should worry you too much as a very new player as you don’t have very much to interest the pirates, but it something you will need to learn about at some point - what makes you vulnerable and how to avoid making yourself an easy target. Even if a lot of ships, relatively speaking, get exploded in Jita every day, so many more make it in an out without any issue, and do so regularly for years.

Tl;DR - Jita is “dangerous” because there are so many people, but also is mechanically one of the safest systems in the game. You’ll be fine.


The above is all true.

Remember: nowhere is completely safe - yes, your attacker will be destroyed after the event (or during it if he’s slow). But you’ve already lost your ship by then.
It’s like the real world. Punishment after the event doesn’t stop murder. It just acts as a deterrent.
And forces better planning.

Jita is fine. You get more kills there because there is a lot of traffic and a lot us carrying valuable loot.
Muggers rob people that look like they’ve got something worth taking and are easy to mug. Lots of good cows/targets in Jita

Be sensible, assume you were cargo scanned. Don’t carry too much in your ship - 10m in a T1 industrial for example is my personal limit of comfort.

I’ve been to Jita about four times in five years, and not at all for the last three. I live and operate around Amarr - and given the recent changes I doubt I will go to Jita in the near future either.
I’m an industrialist: Jita isn’t the only place to live and trade. I make a good living in Amarr.


Jita is not dangerous.

Thousands of players warp in and out of Jita every day. The ‘bomp’ sound of ships coming out of warp at the Jita dock is as regular as a heartbeat.

Any statistics about kills in the System have to be viewed with this in mind. The % of deaths per population is very small.

Of course, if you trundle in on Autopilot with a cargo worth 500 million or more you will get blapped by a gank Tornado, but then that is true of just about anywhere, and 0.5 Systems like Uedama more so.

I spend hours a day in Jita and haven’t lost a ship there for years.

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Honestly, I don’t think Jita is that dangerous. Jita is stupid busy, so you’re going to see a lot more destruction there by virtue of its population density. One thing to note, however, is that all the people around means that you are unlikely to get away with doing stupid stuff. So, don’t overload your ships with too much cargo or bling, and you’ll be fine.

Anyway, a lot of people like living out of Jita (it’s one of my home bases). Makes it super easy to buy new ships, refit after losses, sell off loot, and all that. Plus, Jita prices are extremely competitive.

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