New Eden News report - 03/05/2018

Our top story today is continued coverage of the ongoing attack The Imperium has been conducting against the Jita star system in a campaign they are calling “Burn Jita”. The number of ships involved is so high that their collective warp drives have distorted spacetime enough to result in the phenomena known as “TiDi” to occur in the system. With apparently no concern about CONCORD retribution, The Imperium has continued to assault all transport vessels they can catch and destroying them. Many haulers have been stuck in the surrounding systems waiting to deliver their goods, others are trapped within the various stations in the Jita system itself. The SCC has recommended all haulers and merchants avoid the Jita system for the time being. Despite this warning, many transports continue to try to ship goods in and out of Jita with high losses.

The Burn Jita campaign has been denounced by the Caldari State as “interfering with the legal commerce that law abiding merchants and corporations expect in our territory”. The Gallente Federation made no official response but a meme stating “Capsuleers have the freedom to fight” has gone viral on the infonet there.

CONCORD did announce that while they are moving many of their reserve vessels to Jita to help with the increased workload, there are no plans to reassign vessels away from any of their normally patrolled systems. CONCORD stated publicly that no matter how dire things may become in Jita, it will not affect their response time elsewhere. They have also reported that The Imperium’s campaign is slowing down and believe things will be back to normal soon.

In other news, rumors abound that the capsuleer gigX has been attempting to restore his old empire, Circle of Two, despite his execution over 6 months ago. GigX was discovered to be complicit in a plot to permanently corrupt another capsuleers clone template and after being found guilty by CONCORD, was sentenced to biomassing and having his clone template irrevocably destroyed.

Cromeaux Inc. states that gigX has not been cloned by any facility they control and they are fully cooperating with CONCORD to ensure he is not illegally brought back. Rumors in the outer empires is that gigX has managed to survive as a disembodied consciousness in the infonet. That while he doesn’t have a body to physically interact with the universe anymore, he is still able to give commands to other capsuleers and have them do his bidding. Debates on whether or not CONCORD should, or even can, do anything about this have spread all throughout New Eden. Regardless of the truth of these rumors, it has been confirmed that a territorial claim unit has been set up under the name Circle of Two within the current borders of the outer empire known as PanFam.


No wonder I’m Gallente. That makes perfect sense.

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