Pantheon Technologies [PXTXN] - Industrialists Wanted

Looking for a place to mine or manufacture, we are here for you! We are an industry corporation looking for industrialists of all sorts.

We offer the following:

  • Citadel with 0% Manufacturing Tax, 0% Research Tax, 1.5% Refining Tax
  • Weekly Mining Ops with Max Boosts
  • Daily mining with boosts (we work together and profit together)
  • Mission Ops up to L4
  • Corp Buyback Program (Not Just Ore)
  • Manufacturing experience and involvement
  • Competitive Recruitment Program for corp members
  • Active Discord Server
  • Website with price checker and mining fleet tracking

What we are looking for:

√ Friendly pilots who know how to mine and self manage.
√ Players that are looking to be part of something bigger.
√ Players who want, enjoy, and work well in teams.
√ Players who enjoy Industry and PVE
√ Pilots from all TZ’s. (We are mainly US)
√ New Pilot Friendly (Alpha Clones Welcome)

At Pantheon Technologies you will be part of a family that looks out for each other and enjoys each other’s company

Want to know more, message Ver’Keth Rah in game or join our recruitment channel PT Recruitment for more information.

Rocks in space are like money growing on trees!


We are still growing and expanding. Come join the fun!


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