Pantheon Technologies - Recruitment is Open

What We Offer:

  • Citadel with 0% Manufacturing Tax, 0% Research Tax, 1.5% Refining Tax
  • Weekly Mining Ops with Max Orca Boosts
  • Daily Orca boost fleets
  • Weekly Mission Ops up to L4
  • Item Buyback Program (Not Just Ore)
  • Competitive Recruitment Program for corp members
  • New pilot friendly
  • Multi-pilot player friendly
  • Located in Okkelen (Constellation)
  • L4 Missions
  • Active Discord Server (Active in the evenings)
  • Immune from Wars

What We are Looking For:
As we grow, we are beginning to expand our operations into different activities. As such, we are now hiring for:

  • PVP Pilots for Small Gang Roams (Frigs, Destroyers) - cheap and fun stuff to blow up that doesn’t cost much.

  • MISSION Pilots: We have a few mission runners in the corp and we are looking to expand this out to have more regularly active fleets for L3 and L4 missions

  • MINERS: As always, we are hiring miners to fill our ranks. The ore must flow and the manufacturing never stops.

What We Expect

  • As always, real life comes first - Most of us work full time and some of us have families. There is no expectation that you put EVE or the Corp first.
  • No Mandatory Ops
  • No Mandatory Voice Comms (though it’s always nice to have more people in chat)
  • Be Respectful

Join our recruitment channel “PT Recruitment” or send us a mail in-game.

Still Recruiting!

As we continue to grow, so do our goals

  • We continue to recruit mission runners and miners, but also PVP pilots, specifically for small gang, cheap ship fits.
  • We have a roadmap to Nullsec!

Still growing, still recruiting!

We ninja mined our first moon last night. Join us for the next one!

Our growth is not slowing down! Active discord, custom website, ore buyback, good ice near us, great ore belts for miners. Lots of mission agents nearby too!

Had a great mining op last night! Massive turnout by our members - Paid out 340 Million isk last night to our participants in fleet!

Recruiting is up this week. Growing like crazy.

Buyback program is in full swing and we turned over 600 million in ore buyback during our first 2 weeks!

Still recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

Join us! Bump

Still growing – still mining – still exploring!

Join Now!

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