Just wanna shoot some rocks

Hey I’m a barge pilot, soon to be exhumer and I just want somewhere I can mine safely and that has a reasonable buyback program.

glorfindeil#2642 discord contact

Hi Asteroid Gal, we are recruiting and initially looking for indy orientated players from the EU timezone, we are a new corp setup and have a clear goal we are working towards, if you want to know more convo me in game or join channel STRAYS

Have fun :slight_smile:

Hiya AG! I’m part of a small group of players who are experienced miners and industrialists. It’s a corp that operates on a 3% tax-rate and has a ship replacement program if you get into an accident. If this seems interesting to you, I could message you IG or vice versa and I could introduce you to my CEO.



Hey there, check us out. Productivity Exchange Value, located in nullsec. We got a -1.0 system for you to mine the best rocks in! Ore buyback program is in place too! Join PVE Pub for more info. Take care.


I think you might be interested in flying with us.

We are a mature, RL friendly corp focussed mainly on industry and PVE, living in null. We have a buyback programme and low taxes

We also specialise in training new pilots and as such have no minimum skill or hours requirements.

More information on our corp is available on my forum post:

If your not sorted yet take a look here Star-Tech Industries

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