Paragon's Gift

Hi there!

I suddenly see this ‘mission’ when I log in today.

Seems that I should have a conversation with AURA and IRIS but I don’t see anywhere I can talk to them.
Does anyone have any idea?

IRIS is located at the trade hub systems (“Paragon stations”).
Paragon stations can be found in trade hub systems like Rens, Hek, Dodixie, Amarr, and Jita
EverMark - EVE University Wiki

Unfortunately, visiting a Paragon station does not help finish this mission. Paragon station IRIS will just give the normal mission options.

This particular mission appears to be bugged. When it works, IRIS gives you 1 PLEX and directs you to buy a cheap destroyer SKIN. But usually the mission just shows up in your mission tracker every month or two, lingers for a bit, then goes away again without the scripted conversation between AURA and IRIS ever kicking off.

Just had this pop up for me after finally docking at an NPC station after a long time, got to the point where I am directed to buy a 1 PLEX skin but… I already own them all so can’t proceed anyway.

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I think I did this mission and sold the free plex for ISK. Afterwards Aura kept bugging me about buying a ship skin with the 1 plex they gave me, and I told the mission to suck it. Basically the free plex was worth more to me than some ship skin.