Paragon’s Gift

so a mission popped up suddenly and i went to the paragon hub and i was told to pick up an item elsewhere the missions called Paragon’s Gift. but no instructions on what item i need and where i need to get it no datils other then talk to aura and iris. but iris said i need an item located elsewhere. im so confused. i dont even remember taking this

If it is the new player mission I am thinking of, you visit any paragon and receive a single Plex from them. This one Plex is used to purchase a ship skin. It is just a basic introduction to Plex and how to use it. I know some players have spent the Plex on 5 million ISK or just kept it. Look in your wallet and see if you have 1 Plex in there. Iris can be found using the Agency screen at popular systems.

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i saw it a few months ago and wondered how i got 1 plex. then i forgot about the mission and went on with my day. i noticed it again as aura pooped up saying the item i need is in a different location. i looked around and i found the mission and posted here. then i thought to go to the paragon hub and see after i went there… every time aura is pooping up saying i need to get the item in a different location. i have bought skins on the eve store in game. i have applied those skins. i have been to that hub a few times. she pooped up once yesterday and not again till i decided to go to the paragon hub. and i don’t know how to stop her( after visiting the paragon hub) from telling me that every structor i enter this morning that i’m in the wrong place.

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If you spent the Plex, you can cancel the mission, this will keep Aura from “pooping” but I assume you meant popping. On the other hand, if you think the skin is worth it, you can buy 1 Plex from “Pilot Services” on the market and complete the mission.

Fly safe o7

I hate it went Aura poops up on my screen too. :grin: