NO LONGER ACTIVE IN ANY CAPACITY. (This has been functionally inactive for a while but I’m gonna edit the OP to make sure it’s clear.) If you have questions mail me. Thanks to everyone who helped me liquidate for this.

Donation transparency: http://prntscr.com/qtbrvt. Total of about 250k plex donated. If you have questions about any donation, evemail me immediately.

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Please contract these to me. Wont beat you up cause I like where the plex are going. Please send screenshot :slight_smile:

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Confirmed going to Plex for Good.

Auran Please send me a Cordite Blossom skin set.

Australia is getting some rain now, but we need more.

Contract sent.

All hypernets have completed; thanks to everyone who bought tickets! At this point I’m not planning any more hypernets, but I might have a leviathan up next week, or hypernet the precision cruise missile BPO if I can’t find a buyer for it.

And paid for

Set up the contract

Drac/Chelm EMP bomb X2
Brokara/Brynn/Tairei Power Diagnostic System X4

thank you

Contracts are up, thanks guys

<3 <3 <3
Bought immolator for 860m waiting for ss

I only have a spare 10bill but if you have any capital component and carrier bpos please could you list them , I’ll gladly buy some from you

Mails sent out. Got a couple days left!

Please contract 1 set of the Cordite Blossom SKINS and 1 set of the Blaze Squadron SKINS to me. According to the prices in the post, that would be 2.5 bill for Cordite plus 1.6 bill for Blaze for a total of 3.6 bill right?

Thank you for this event, and you’re generosity. I’m USTZ and never got a chance to buy the SKINs from CCP and I didn’t wanna pay the insane markups on the market. Now the SKINs are getting double philanthropic use :smiley:

2.5+1.6=4.1, but otherwise yeah. Contract is up.

Probably his Jita accent kicked in. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

haha thanks for the correction! I was browsing this ad at work (much like I am now :smiley: ) and got distracted as I was replying. Multitasking fail :frowning: haha… I’ll accept the contract when I get home tonight!

Contract issued and accepted! 10/10 would charity again!

Id take a set of 4 Drac/Chelm/Cormack Power Diagnostic System pref the same name if u have otherwise no big deal. I can pay u in isk pr plex directly if u prefer

I got 4x dracs, will need to move at least one of them so it’ll be about 24h.

No problems