[SOLD] Abyssal Glory Skins - [PLEX FOR GOOD]

------------- SOLD -------------
EDIT: Thank you all for your kind offers, and making this happen for plex 4 good.

Hi all,

I want to sell my Abyssal Glory skins, which are bound to my account, in order to buy plex for PLEX FOR GOOD this year.

I have two batches for sale, Batch Two contains duplicates in Batch One, currently taking offers to gauge interest:


BATCH ONE - 33 skins

Apocalypse Abyssal Glory SKIN
Apocalypse Navy Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN
Burst Abyssal Glory SKIN
Caldari Navy Hookbill Abyssal Glory SKIN
Crucifier Navy Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN
Deimos Abyssal Glory SKIN
Enyo Abyssal Glory SKIN
Federation Navy Comet Abyssal Glory SKIN
Griffin Abyssal Glory SKIN
Griffin Navy Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN
Harbinger Abyssal Glory SKIN
Hecate Abyssal Glory SKIN
Hound Abyssal Glory SKIN
Imperial Navy Slicer Abyssal Glory SKIN
Inquisitor Abyssal Glory SKIN
Jackdaw Abyssal Glory SKIN
Manticore Abyssal Glory SKIN
Maulus Navy Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN
Megathron Abyssal Glory SKIN
Myrmidon Abyssal Glory SKIN
Navitas Abyssal Glory SKIN
Nemesis Abyssal Glory SKIN
Punisher Abyssal Glory SKIN
Purifier Abyssal Glory SKIN
Raven Abyssal Glory SKIN
Raven Navy Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN
Republic Fleet Firetail Abyssal Glory SKIN
Retribution Abyssal Glory SKIN
Rifter Abyssal Glory SKIN
Slasher Abyssal Glory SKIN
Svipul Abyssal Glory SKIN
Typhoon Abyssal Glory SKIN
Typhoon Fleet Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN

BATCH TWO - 11 Skins

Burst Abyssal Glory SKIN
Caldari Navy Hookbill Abyssal Glory SKIN
Griffin Navy Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN
Hound Abyssal Glory SKIN
Inquisitor Abyssal Glory SKIN
Maulus Navy Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN
Myrmidon Abyssal Glory SKIN
Raven Abyssal Glory SKIN
Svipul Abyssal Glory SKIN
Typhoon Abyssal Glory SKIN
Typhoon Fleet Issue Abyssal Glory SKIN

How this will work:

  • Offers are only accepted here in this thread after they are posted
  • I accept your forum offer
  • You transfer character to my account (You cover this one)
  • You pay me agreed amount
  • I redeem the skins on your character
  • I transfer back (I cover this one)

These need to be enough isk to make bouncing your character around worth it.

CCP: If there is a better way to do this, please let me know, I am just trying to raise some plex for charity with the means I have

If my thread needs to be moved or deleted for any reason, please do so. I have never auctioned anything like this before.

From the PLEX FOR GOOD Post by CCP

IMPORTANT: CCP regards any scamming attempts surrounding PLEX for GOOD to be morally reprehensible, and any attempts at scamming relating to this program will be met with the harshest and swiftest action at our disposal.

If this doesn’t sell by the 19th or so of Feb, I will try again next P4G.

I have enjoyed flying all of these proving grounds with you, my friends.

Fly dangerous


This seems to be a VERY interesting post.
If this is legit I would love to buy them,
Please fill me in more about what P4G campaign its for.
(Beware other bidders) I plan to bid and own both batches
(Owner)- If CCP will not allow this for some reason we can talk about me buying the character and then I can gift it back to you after the skins have been applied.
I think CCP should allow this because there are a lot of backdoor illegal ways to do this BUT you wish and want to keep it legit honest and straight
If this fourm dont lead anywhere PLEASE mail me in game
Thank You and have a amazing weekend and start to a greater week

I can pay with PLEX as well…

Question: Could you just claim them on an alt, and sell that alt then the buyer can have CCP “unredeem” them on the person’s account?

Not to say that you are not trustworthy buuut, transferring a character to you means moving all the assets out of that character, and if its someone’s main… well that’s a pain.

If this is possible, I’ll bid 20Bn for the first batch.

CCP would refuse to remove the skins so they could be applied to a newe character
I have been suggestion a item they could sell in the NES for plex that would allow a player to remove a skin and allow it to be moved to another charater or account.
This would help skin collectors complete sets and also make charatcer buying and selling a bit more interesting
Make the removed skins reapplyable NOT ABLE to be sold on market or contracts
We also need the purple and the white Rocket dresses CCP LISTEN TO US

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Suggestion: A legit money making item for CCP that players want and would willingly pay for?
CCP: Best I can do is “the ugliest skins of 2022” pack, just $49.99.

I am pretty sure @Kelon_Darklight sold his abyssal skins like this last P4G event as well with CCP confirming that it is okay

I do have a character that I can sell it to you on, yes.

As for if CCP will unredeem, I have not heard back from them yet.

If they can, my bid stands

Hey there, any news on the sale viability?

No, I have not heard back. We are closing on the 19th and i didn’t get to advertise this like i wanted to.

May have to wait for next year i guess.

Hi @Babbs_Cor! Don’t despair, we can still raise some funds!

I’m the person who won Kelon’s auction last time around. I had to contract him the character and have him redeem the SKINs on them and then send them back to me.

I would be willing to buy the ones I’m missing from last time and leave the rest for someone else to take since I only need 16 and 6 of those you have doubles of.

From main pile:
Federation Navy Comet
Imperial Navy Slicer
Republic Fleet Firetail

From doubles pile:
Caldari Navy Hookbill

I can offer 20b just for those ones so there’d still be 23 unique ones left for someone else or for the next P4G. I’m also happy to place bids for the whole lot but I don’t need the extra SKINs so I feel it would be a waste, especially if someone else is also interested.

I’m happy to go through the same process as last time, although if there is another option that would obviously be preferable. I can also send you the isk/PLEX before we figure out the transfer process to make sure it makes it in time for the campaign’s end (that’s what I did with Kelon last time).

I’ll up my bidding to 26b for the first pack. And as the other person actually went through with this during the last Plex for good, I’m also willing to go forward with this as described by him.

I will up the bid to 35b for the first pack.

However, if anyone is willing to split the SKINs so that I can grab the 16 I am missing (as stated in my previous post), and they take the remaining 23, then I can bid 25b for just those 16 SKINs I am missing.

make that 36b for first pack

38b for the first pack

Lets make it 40b for that first pack, I’m in the mood for some skins!

Ok yeah, i’m out, this guy was willing to pay 100b for a drone yesterday so I’m definitely not gonna go crazy on here.

Won’t go up to 100b on this one, though I have to ask, at what time does this end?

42b for the first pack.

Any chance you’re interested in my proposition above @Shaktar? I’m just trying to get ones I didn’t get from the last auction. So there’s only 16 I’m after and 6 of those Babbs has doubles of. So if you take the remaining 23 unique ones we can both come away with some SKIN’s and add some extra isk on each side to make the final donation bigger than it would be if we just fight for one pack?