[Closed - thanks everyone!] Auran's P4G cleanout sale - officer mods, skins, 3.5b revelations, 2.5b carriers, titans, & more

Update 3/21 - closing the fundraiser as the Plex for Good campaign draws to a close. I’ll leave the OP intact at least for now.


Also, for CCP, all my plex contracts are coming from the character “Auran Glimmer”. If I run out of contract slots on Auran I’ll use his altcorp, Auran Glimmer’s Amazing Giveaway Gameshow, which consists entirely of my alts.

For everyone else: I haven’t been active at it for a while, but you may still know me as one of the best scammers in Jita. I should hope so - I worked hard for years to earn that reputation! But you don’t need to worry here. It is profoundly against the rules to scam in relation to Plex for Good in any capacity. Consequentially, all my dealings in relation to this thread and P4G generally required to be 100% honest (and so are yours). Furthermore, I’m pledging not to do any scams at all, anywhere, until this P4G campaign is over.

Auran’s Cleanout Sale – Fundraising for Refugees

Hey, everyone. I’ve been playing this game a long time and made a lot of space money doing it. One of my favorite parts of Eve is P4G campaigns. I always donate what I can, but most of my assets are not very liquid and I need your help to donate more. I consider this cause to be especially worthy and would like to liquidate as much of my assets as possible to contribute to the UNHCR.

This thread is divided into 2 parts: Verification Steps (how to show I’m not using the biggest global crisis of the 21st century to “scam” you for fast sales on dreadnoughts lmao) and Stuff On Sale.

FULL AND ABSOLUTE VERIFICATION – how I’m gonna make it work this time. As usual, if CCP is watching and needs any more info from me please just ask for it.

  1. We agree in principle on the terms of a sale. This can be done over discord/forums/chat/evemail/whatever.
  2. You make a post in this thread stating the terms of what you agreed to buy. THIS STEP IS MANDATORY (so I can show I’m not lining up deals on discord, then keeping the money and pretending it wasn’t ever pledged to P4G). Once you’ve posted here, I’ll issue the contract(s) to your characters. For transparency I’d like to have as much detail here as possible. If you value your privacy it’s ok to keep it to the price of the items you’re purchasing. If you don’t make a post in this thread your money is not considered to be pledged to the fundraiser and is not guaranteed to go to P4G, and you will not receive rewards from the campaign (see below).
  3. I’ll issue contracts to you for what you agreed to buy. Again, I will not do this until you make your forum post in this thread.
  4. You accept the contracts. If you want, edit your forum post to say you’ve accepted them.
  5. Once you’ve accepted your contracts, I’ll create a contract to the CCP Plex for Good character for the amount of plex I’m able to acquire with the funds received from your purchase. This contract will be described with your name and a brief description of what you bought. I’ll reply to your post with a screenshot of this contract, and edit that reply once the CCP character accepts the plex contract.

If you have any concerns about proving your money is going to the fundraiser please do not hesitate to ask. I will provide any information necessary.

Campaign rewards: CCP usually releases some kind of hat/shirt/skin to reward people for P4G donations. If you would like to get the rewards associated with the donation you financed, please tell me & specify when you make your post in this thread. Once I receive rewards, I’ll contract them to you.

My public contract policy : I do a lot of trading and have a lot of stuff on sale gamewide. In general, I would prefer for sales in this fundraiser to be done via private contracts, so I can use the contract description to clarify that the sale is for the fundraiser. However, I’m not online all the time and you might just want that carrier rightaway.

If you buy something off a public contract and make a post in this thread explaining which contract you bought and asking for the money to be donated to P4G, I will donate that money and post screenshots of the donation in this thread, following protocol.

If you buy something off public contracts without making a post in this forum thread stating that you want to buy as part of the fundraiser, I will not consider your money pledged to P4G and your money will only be donated if I decide to do that myself.

[Stuff on sale section has been removed, will post new sales ads in a new sales ad thread.]


Auran and I got a deal going for approx 120b @CCP <3, there will be more trading!


I’m down to make a deal up to 50B as discussed on Reddit. Please contact me ingame.

Update: 50B contract has been completed. Thanks for this awesome action!! I’m very happy that I was able to support the cause and still keep playing.

PS I’d like to receive the donation reward apparel please :slight_smile:

I have sold 3.07 billion isk of goods to William. Plex accepted by CCP.

Agreed to purchase PI mats Evepraisal - Appraisal 13h1lz: 58.06 Billion Buy / 65.65 Billion Sell PI mats - 60b for 58.75bil. Good luck!

Evepraisal - Appraisal 13h150: 34.81 Billion Buy / 42.16 Billion Sell as well 37bil

This deal is complete. I’ve contracted plex to CCP Plex for Good - plex now accepted by CCP.

UPDATE: updated to include drugs.

I’ve sold Trader WvW a 50b contract - plex accepted by CCP

Agreed to purchase 1 Chimera for 2.5b. Additional contracts to follow.

Let’s make a deal mate.

are you open to offers on the ships in jita? Whats your best price for the lot?

Agreed for 42b of officer mods.

Would like to receive apparel too.

Update 3/20 - accepted by CCP.

If/when I get rewards from this campaign I’ll send you the rewards from this donation.

As a reminder, I’ll update my reply photos when CCP accepts the contracts, so you’ll all be able to see that they were accepted by the CCP Plex for Good character.

E: @Sweetnjuicy: of course; any of the bulk item evepraisals in jita, you can make offers on some or all of the materials.

I will offer 100bil for the ships in jita :slight_smile:

Kylo Trader Ren’s contract accepted by CCP.


@sweetnjuicy hard pass dude

Purchasing 15b mod

Hello! I’ve agreed to purchase 5 unfit FAX’s from Auran by using 4.2k PLEX. We’ve agreed this will go to the Plex for good to help Ukraine in their time of need.

Sale to Shelby completed, plex contracted to ccp. Update 3/20 - contract accepted by CCP.

Sale to Zheckarr completed. Updated 3/20 - contract accepted by CCP.

I’d be keen on buying 10x Apostle @ 2.5b each (can be wherever in lowsec, preferably closer to Metropolis (e.g. Amamake) if possible.

EDIT: Also willing to buy 10x Rev @ 3.5b each (same location parameters)

I have agreed to pay 18Bn in support of this worthy cause for the following:

Siege Module II x 1
Capital Emergency Hull Energizer II x 1
Revelation x 1
Dark Blood Capital Energy Nosferatu x 2
Sansha Victory SKIN x 1
Dark Blood Capital Energy Neutralizer x 2

Further purchases will be made if other modules come out of contracts he had already issued.