Paragon forced discussion thing

Well that was a complete waste of time just to have to scroll through an unskippable useless convo between 2 AIs and get me to buying a shitty skin CCP …

Design Award of the Year.

Yes that needed its own topic …


Topic being you couldn’t restist to an ad? How’s that CCP’s problem? They pay a lot for adverts. It seems to be working.


*Gets free time limited skin


Its old for this forum but it checks out. Nothing changes.


Ehh, free skin? What did I miss?

I think he’s talking about the skin Aura gives you 1 Plex to buy in the tutorial?

Not sure, haven’t checked that part out yet. Time for a new character I guess, when I can find some time.


Ahh ok, that makes sense. And yeah the forced exposition in the tutorial is painful.

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I haven’t seen it first-hand, but it appears to cause a lot of questions and confusion in the help channels, especially the Plex-for-Skin step.

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Yeah its forced and you cant skip it or change it. Thats the part that sucks the free skin is fine.

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You can skip the whole tutorial but that’s not exactly a proper solution. For me it’s the first time that I started yelling at Aura: “shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!” and I get that they’re trying to help newbies with info but it’s a very long winded and annoying information dump that no newbie is going to remember.

This isnt the tutorial. Its a pop up that just happens to various characters. Ive only had it once or twice on my accounts. It goes through the entire NES store and you cant opt out of it at all once it starts. You HAVE to do exactly what they want until its finished and its very annoying as its when your busy trying to do something and itll happen. Takes like 5-10 mins to get through all the prompts and buy the skin, fit it to your new ship they give u, and then it closes.

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It’s part of the tutorial.

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wtf?!?! Then why did it happen randomly to a character thats never done the tutorial or anything to do with that ever?
Now Im seriously confused.

Obnoxious “But this stuff, why dont you buy it”

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because it got added recently and triggers on specific factors to characters that didn’t do it yet.

you can quit it any time you want


just click on the question mark in case you don’t know how to interact with the info panel stuff


Ahh okay this was months ago it was a random pop up for me and only on that account/character so it was weird.

@Goe_Rilla I did that quest and when they gave me the free Plex… I sold it. Yes they did barked at me about using 1 Plex to buy the crappy skin, but then I cancelled the quest. You have to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.

Yeah, I don’t see new players doing that, more than likely most would just go with it since everything is new to them…

Also I’m pretty sure once you quit the mission series, you can’t resume it again at a later date…

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