New ship Skins, disapointing that we don't have a free sample (EDIT: to give more context of content.)

It would have been nice if we all could have had one free skin to make for our fav ship. But no, they want 150plex. Disapointing.



Nah, not gimme gimme, just one free sample for ALL players so they could enjoy the feature.

if u want access, quit being lazy and entitled and pay for it.


Why does everyone these days think that expecting one free sample of a simple product is entitled. etc. It’s nothing new and has been a long time practice for most of history. To assume everything is gimme gimme, lazy, entitled, etc. is just moronic. But I suppose there is no point in even arguing, today everyone just assumes you are entitled, the catchphrase of the last two decades.

Everyone thinks it sounds whiny and entitled these days because everyone thought it always sounded whiny and entitled. It’s nothing new and has been a long time practice for most of history. To always demand free handouts to be normal and disappointed when there’s none is just moronic. But I suppose there is no point in even arguing, it sounds like everyone keeps telling you that you are entitled, since you keep hearing it the last two decades.


Grow up, expecting a free sample is entitled. Expecting the devs to just hand you free stuff is literally in line with the definition of entitled. Nowhere in the EULA or game policies does it say CCP owes you a sample.


You are entitled, selfish, and the reason the culture of this game has taken a turn for the worst.

Oh this is funny, keep the comments comming. It’s making me smile now. Where did anyone say owed a sample??? I said, it would have been nice. That’s not demanding, it’s not requiring, etc. It’s a simple comment that says, would have been nice to get to try one of the skins out. Yet the entitled comments keep comming, it’s so funny. Also, you have no idea how long I’ve been playing this game. Pretty much from the start, this is my second char as the original was given to someone else to carry on with as I took a break.

Meet your past self:

Sure reads like „they want 150 PLEX, they don’t deserve 150 PLEX, they owe me“


Expecting free communist handouts in a hyper capitalistic game is just ridiculous. Grow up and quit expecting to be hand fed content by the devs.

Yes, explaining how much it costs. And? You did read the comment before didn’t you? “It would be nice…” Not we demand, we should have, we require, etc.

They already gave 1 week free omega.

Get over yourself LOL

Valued way more than the plex for new ship skins.


Your demands are entirely communicated quite clearly in the post as a whole: it would have been nice, but you are disappointed. Why are you disappointed? Because it’s 150 PLEX, and you don’t want to pay it. Why post about this? Because you want it for free.

If you are so poor at communicating your core idea that you have to fall back and lean hard on one very specific word („nice“), when your whole post is written to convey the opposite idea („demand“), please spend more time revising drafts and reconsidering what you are communicating before you hit „post“.

You don’t have to use a specific word to convey its meaning. Which is exactly what you’re doing here.

Your further „damage control“ responses read like someone was embarrassed for being caught, not as someone genuinely sorry for the miscommunication.


Of course I’m disapointed, it would have been nice to see a very pretty ship flying around in the game. One of the few features we got that applies to all sections of space, null/low/hi. It would just have been nice to use it. Hence dissapointed.

People just can’t communicate in this day and age. Social media has ruined this important skill such as creating an understandable OP title.

Gotta shorten everything and it’s so sad.


You can. Its 150 PLEX to do so, but you know this already.

You keep digging a hole here. You don’t want to pay. You want it for free.


I give up, 50+ years on this planet and I just don’t understand people any more. Just have fun with it.

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You certainly didn’t put much effort into the post to start with.

Yes we will and you will likely also LOL

btw don’t forget your FREE week of omega.

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I’m not surprised, given the communication mismatch between what’s in your head and the words everyone is reading.

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