CCP launcher team incompetence strikes again or...?

Today the launcher asked to update - and i allowed it. Now i have to re-enter 20+ accounts info ( with the email verification code of course ). And that after, times and again, CCP support apologized and stated that “it is the last time when you will have to do this” )

Well guess what. last time was the last time. This time, there will be 20+ paid accounts less. Good work.

and no, you cant have my stuff.

It seems to become harder and harder to find good programmers in Iceland.

Well if this is the only reason for you for stop playing a game, i think the problem lies not within the launcher.
There must be something else bothering you.

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K bye

To be honest, for as much as it can be a pain to enter back your accounts again, leaving a game because of your laziness is plain dumb.

Yes. CCP mockery in general, with dozens of examples in the last years. This is not the only reason. But it is the last one.

Kind of redundant since you can’t login :wink:

Sorry for the frustration. Hopefully CCP’s “last time” isn’t like their “soon”.


Yeah, besides, if i leave two trillions isk worth of game content to be used in the game would kinda half cancel the purpose of leaving .

So true. Still waiting for their “soon to reimburse your investment in POS BPOs” :slight_smile: - and that one is much older.
Then, maybe, their “soon to fix” will be my “soon to pay” the accounts again.

Can I have your stuff? :smiling_imp:

of course, send one billion isk and ill double it.
as soon as i can login again ofcourse.

So you are just pretending to quit. :slight_smile:

just as much as you pretend that youre not trolling :slight_smile:

Calling you out on your bs is not trolling. Let me guess anyone you disagree with is a “troll”. I could say link your chars and biomass them to prove you are legit, but even that can be reversed. This is why the tradition of asking for one’s stuff exist, by giving it to anyone (not me specifically, and can even multiple people as well) you prove what you claim is what you do, otherwise you are just a drama queen begging for attention. :slight_smile:

you realize ofcourse that i couldnt care less of what you think. Every time someone calls on CCP’s mockery there are hundreds of trolls like you to ridicule and show that in fact whatever ccp did is not worth such a reaction. What i do now i do it to smack ccp, not you or other players. I understand that they dont care much about 4-5k usd a year more or less, and i can live with that. The main reason is that I do care for my health. This is supposed to be a game and should be relaxing. Not something to get stressed over, time and again.

and btw, you have my written permission here to ask CCP about the status of my accounts to check if i left or not.

If you couldn’t care less you wouldn’t even bother to reply. :wink: Btw exactly, you shouldn’t stress over re-typing your stuff every once in a while, though if that is too much it is all good but when you claim you quit the game over such a nonsense don’t be surprised people call you out on it to see if you are legit or just here to drama around.

Edit to reply to edited part of prior post: Some people return after years or even more than a decade, the only way to confirm it is if you remove your stuff from your account and give it to strangers. No amount of mental gymnastics will make that fact go away.


todays update … means the update from may 2nd 2019?
i had this update to but had not to relogin … all accounts where just fine … hit the button and here we go … soooooo maybe something wron with your installation?

but anyways … your rant ist more interessting to me than your pc problems … sorry about that …

the “soon” on the reimburse of th POS stuff will be as soon as CCP told us … there is still some niches a upwell structure cant fill … the work and think on that … its stuff a POS never was planed but it works and its still used for that … so maybe your problem is notas important as others and you have 2 trillion isk … why you need that isk so hard?

i hope you are a as good programmer as your ranting is … then go to iceland and work for CCP or better got to star citizen and help them … they look like to be in huge need for good programmers … no … sorry funn aside … EVE is huge … on EVEsterdam someone said how many lines of code it is … i dont remember but there will be errors … there will be problems and there will be a need to do a fresh login from time to time … where is the problem … just copy past the stuff from a text file and then the type the code or copy past it from the mail … so hard?

come down or HTFU (copyright Permaband) its not as bad as you tell us here … 20 accounts? no other problems? you need all 20 accounts on day one … yea sure … who does not? you can login accounts you need toay and do it with the others when you need them … maybe you find out you still have accounts you dont need :wink:

have a nice weekend … you will play EVE anyways


ofcourse. and i might come back in one year, or ten, or my grandkids will come play my accounts in 30 years. Who knows what happens. But until then the status will be ALPHA - which means, no USD to CCP.

So despite your claim you are not quitting, just downgrading to alpha, it was you who included the part about not giving away your stuff implying you quit so yeah, glad we sorted that out. :slight_smile:

read the post. No PAID accounts.

the “cant have my stuff” was included for trolls .

i’ve wasted already too much time on this. bye.

Yes I’ve addressed this in the very post you just replied to, convenient to ignore it though, so let me help you with making the relevant part bold below.

You’re welcome.

Bai o/


rofl … sorry @Warrior_Xena i really have a bad week and reading this a 2nd and 3rd time makes me happy … its so goot to rant somewhere and then just go on the same as befor … i know that … most of us know that …

you will go on to have 20 accounts … paid omegas like it was befor … rofl
you are so funny …

have a nice weekend