Tutorial gone?

Why did CCP have to remove the tutorial?

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How exactly did they remove it?..

Apparently you cannot access the tutorial in the Agency any more.

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You are correct. I can see how this would be a problem from new players. Classic CCP dont expect a revert for at least 2 years.


Really annoying, I use it for daily skilling spree


Is it completely gone? Or did they just removed it from the Agency?
Anyway, the tutorial is meant to be finished first before you do anything else. That’s why it’s called a “tutorial”

It wasn’t meant to be used that way.
I’m sure CCP will change it so players don’t abuse it like that and if they don’t I think it should.

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mini tutorial
1)open the client and click play





well in the past you could restart the tutorial from the agency window

They locking down on free ship generation or something?

you used to be able to re-visit the tutorial. when you exit the tutorial system now, it’s gone. why???

If you’ve moved beyond the tutorial system it means you decided you didn’t need it so why ask for it now?

I was in a starter system recently where a returning player from years of absence said he forgot most everything and wanted to know if there was a tutorial he could do for a refresher.

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I don’t believe you and you posted for me not to reply to you so why post to me now? Are you drunk?

I don’t care what you believe, I gave a reason that answers your question:

Think of it as a test in “discovery” and “learning by doing”

What they need is a noobie mission where they lose their ship to get used to that, then ask them to open up the fitting tool to see what they lost.

In fact just instruct them to use a filament and their new mission is to find their way out.

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