Missing Operations Info Panel

I just made the civilian data analyzer and the Operations Info Panel has disappeared. It is not on the left and neither on top.
Did I lose the tutorial?
How do I delete the account to start again?

Try cmd + Tab, there you can find all hidden active windows.

The tutorial is not hidden. The tutorial has been canceled.
I ran out of spaceships and with the tutor in half.
How do I delete the account to start over?

You never run out of spaceships - just dock up and you’ll get a new one.

I wouldn’t delete the account. That’s kinda like cutting off your foot because you tripped over a rock.

What do you mean by “the tutorial has been cancelled”? Did you get a message to that effect?

I suppose if you’re really adament about ignoring this character and starting over you can just go back to the login screen and click one of the other two character slots and make a new character. Not as drastic as deleting the account, but still I wouldn’t do it. Probably. :slight_smile:

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Who do I have to attack to make a new start ship appear? To the pirates?
With the capsule can you get money to save to buy a ship?

Edit: I saw I had one ready in the hangar waiting for me.

Now I’m looking at changing the name of the character to use the name in the new character. Where can I change the name of the character?

if you dock in a station, where you have no ship, and you’re in a pod, you get given a corvette. They’re not great ships, but they’re something.

So Corwin Dnari is right: Just choose one of the empty fields after logging in - this way you start to setup a completely new character (including name). Each Account can hold 3 characters, but only skill one of them at a time as long as you do not buy multiple pilot training certificates.

Possibly nowhere, possible in account management after paying ccp some money, I don’t remember which.

You cannot change the name of the character. Your name is your history, it’s one of the few things to trace good or bad guys in EVE. If you want to make a new char to do a tutorial again, just make a char and do it on that char. You will probably utilise multiple characters anyway.

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