Restart A Good Idea?

Hey, i’m thinking of restarting my character in Amarr space, currently everything is in Jita. Think its a good idea to delete it and start over in Amarr? I mostly would only transfer my isk, i cannot afford or have the means to transfer everything i have to Amarr Emperor Academy, firstly i’m an Alpha & two, it will take me forever, a couple of days to transfer everything plus a high risk of running into gate campers and generally annoying people and losing a few mil especially the ships.

If i do start over, it would be on the same email so not going to have the free mil points, namely cause of the account name, highly doubt ccp would change the name to be reused on another

Just space truck it over. How much stuff could you really have? Sell whatever you dont need and move the essentials.

the gila has been a slow sale, especially trying to not take a loss with the broker fee and selling fee being nearly 40mil

Definitely keep the Gila, those are meaningfully fantastic ships and literal moneyprinters if you get into doing Abyssal filaments.

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Yeah problem is to transfer it to Amarr, none of my f2p haulers has the capacity nor do i have the skills to pilot it

Push X red/black frog will haul stuff.

Worst case scenario just leave whats not important where its at and just move to amarr space with what you absolutely need or sell everything and just move.

You can create another account and use the same email and start in amarr with 1mil points.

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Yeah, but sucks you can’t change an account name. would think something so basic would be possible

Dude i got 6 accounts with just a few differences in each ID

It’s common to have piles of ■■■■ just laying around in tons of systems.

Do not worry about leaving stuff in a location and „starting over“ (without rolling a new character). This is simply „moving“ and people do it a lot.

You can find ways to make ISK in Amarr area and either: 1) pay for third party courier contracts to get your stuff moved for you (as mentioned previously), or 2) rebuy stuff in Amarr. For 2 you may find you don’t need to rebuy everything for whatever activities you’re up to.

You’ll then have 2 places in the universe where you’ll know how to make ISK and already have the assets there to do it. It can be a liberating feeling and I hope it encourages you to take steps to do more risky activities and not be afraid of losing ships.


Restarting is never a good idea and if you don’t like your pilot’s name then perhaps turn that pilot into a station trader/ transport manager fitted with +5 implants that only undocks out of valuable clone state on the odd occasion.

We have 3 slots per account and then once you decide the right pilot name for you, think things through is how you will enjoy Eve Online

You could also look to just keep everything you currently have and set up a jump clone in Amarr space? That way you have pilots in two locations that you like and can switch between them in game…

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You have got 3 char slots in your account. So why don’t you create an Alt in Amarr?
Keeping a char in Jita is handy, don’t delete anything.

Most sensible email allows you to add additional emails to your address so it’d be unique. Just add plus whatever

normal email:
use email:

You can change it back once you’ve got the sp

It’s a terrible idea.
The only time when deleting a character makes sense is if it’s a spai alt that’s been burned and you need the slot on your account to make another one.
Just sell what you can and move.
Changing the area you play in is one of the better aspects of EVE. You don’t need to start from scratch.
Play this game for any length of time and you’ll wind up with stuff scattered all over the galaxy. I have things in stations in deep null left over from alliance deployments seven years ago. One of these days I’ll make an effort to consolidate it all.

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