Recovered Account Or Starting Over

(Waya Yang) #1

Hey everyone.

I had recently started playing Eve Online again through Steam. Only been playing for a couple of days, so not too far into it. I then remembered that i had played several years ago as well, and was able to recover this account and character, Waya Yang. My question now is, the last time I played was 2013 apparently. Would it be better to start over with a clean slate, or create a new character on the recovered account? Just wondering how to get back into the flow of things again.

Thank you,

(Qia Kare) #2

Objectively, there’s probably no significant drawback to using your recovered account if you plan to stick to a single account. You lose a couple of skill training days on your new account at most.

If you plan to run accounts simultaneously in the future, training up a character on a second account could be preferable.

(Waya Yang) #3

I was wondering if creating a new character with my recovered account would give me the 24k in unallocated skill points that my new account’s character started with?

Is there any way to transfer stuff from one character to another, or one account to another? Cause this character has some decent stuff that I’d like to keep, tbh.

(Makshima Shogo) #4

Use both account’s :] as you will need a cyno alt or scout later on, also this may sound strange but I would advice you to use your steam account as your main as its much harder for people to hack it, although I think with good precautions it should be fine.

(Waya Yang) #5

Gotcha…just not sure if I can use my steam account for the forums here? I may start over on the steam account anyway cause I don’t like my characters name, haha…

(Makshima Shogo) #6

There is a log in with steam option on the forums :]

(Waya Yang) #7

Oh, awesome, thank you! I’ll probably do that…can I delete this character in order to re-create him on my steam account? Although I’d be giving up a cruiser, a couple of frigates and a really nice, upgraded mining ship, but I do like this character’s name…ugh.

(Qia Kare) #8

Can you not contract your items to your second character and keep everything? Or log them in both at the same time in the same place to trade the assets?

(Waya Yang) #9

I haven’t tried that…I’ll try that later tonight. Thanks for the tip, hope it works!

Other than logging in both accounts, I’ve never worked with contracts, so not sure how they work yet.

(Qia Kare) #10

(Makshima Shogo) #11

I would not suggest deleting your char if you want the name as main better to just use that account as main then, as your skill points are quite valuable 1mil sp is = to about 1bil or a bit less also since your char is from 2003 that alone adds a few bil onto the value.

For trading to alts through contracts just make sure its set to private and drag your alt from chat to the contract to make sure it’s 100% the same char.

(Waya Yang) #12

Thanks guys, Qia and Makshima. Yeah, I think I’ll just keep this account…wasn’t 2003 though, it was 2013, but yeah, 5 years old and I think I’ve learned quite a few skills and everything during my time playing back then.

Will be interesting getting started again with an old account. Everything old is new again, and so on and so forth.

(erg cz) #13

Back in 2013 people started with very few basic skills. Current system will give much more skills, already learned, even for newcommers. You should compare what you have on the old account with what you would get now as a totaly new one. Do not forget, that if you use buddy invitation like one in my signature, you will get 250 000 free skill points, that you can use on any skill you want.

(ISD Sakimura) #14

@erg_cz there are appropriate threads for advertising your Buddy Invite link, Buddy Invites and Rewards thread. Do not post it anywhere else on forums.

(erg cz) #15

@ISD_Sakimura With all my respect the thread you mentioned does not work in new forum. Because of one single endless page instead of numbered pages in old one. The one, who posted first - takes it all. Rest of us can do whatever, but no newcommer in his right mind will scroll endless page down to get better offer. It is very unfair and I even do not question here, how character, who have petitioned other competitors in old forum, made a post in 20 minutes after the thread was created, getting all the attention…

(CaseyLP) #16

As much as I like the ISD and the work they do, I agree with you on that.

Edit: Personally I would just add the ability to post it in the Recruitment subforum, or have a separate forum for it.

(Makshima Shogo) #17

Might be better to delete the buddy invites and rewards thread and have it for RL friends only, as the forum link itself is as people have said prioritized by people closest to the top.

(Boldly Gone) #18

So what’s the problem in opening a new Buddy invite thread now and then? The old thread is drowning in the sea of posts anyway… New chance to be on top. :slight_smile:

(Makshima Shogo) #19

Well technically if you open a post and people convo you they wont be a buddy :stuck_out_tongue: they would be a random its the buddy invite program not the random invite program xD, the guy on top of the buddy invite page must be drowning in rewards not fair at all :/.

108 clicks for the first guy and bottom of the page is 0 and 1 xD yea very silly idea making a page for this. (People are lazy they wont scroll much in general.)

(ISD Sakimura) #20

They might have 108 click but that doesn’t tell you much, only that 108 people have clicked the link. Let’s not forget that the Buddy Link does not work if you already have an account on your Email (I don’t think it does?!, little bit unsure about it). If this is indeed the case then there are little point in posting the Buddy Link on the forums at all, as everybody who can login to Forums already have an account and would not be able to use a Link anyways.

Reading the Terms for the Buddy Referral Program, I see that you must make a new account in order for it to work. So if they (the new players) already have an account, to gain access to the Forums and probably have played too, why would they bother to make a new one?