Recovered Account Or Starting Over

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AH you are right my bad, I guess this has already been thought out.

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I am not sure I undertood you properly, but you can use same email for any numbers of new accounts and if they all were created via buddy program links - you will get reward. All my alts were created on same email, I always gave them PLEX to upgrade to get 2 months of omega training on them, and my main always got 30 days omega time for that. So it works with the very same email address.

When I, myself, started to play the game, I created few tryal accounts to get an idea what I will do to be able to plex my main account ASAP. And I always just through away used accounts. When I decided to go full acocunt instead of tryal I choosen the best offer from forum and created the account I play with now via the buddy link. So forum buddy invitation do work, just current forum endless page makes the situation very very unfair.

BTW, it is not 108 vs 1. It is 171 vs 1 , you should check the buddy link itself, not the explanation link.

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The same way I was bothered: There are many alphas. I think it is quite normal to start this game with an Alpha Account, find out if you like it, if you are willing to pay for Omega etc. - just what a trial is for.
This is a time a new player reads a lot, especially in the Newbie Forum. There you find a way to get additional Plex for free when subscribing and a lead to someone you can ask starter questions - hey, great deal! You have to create a new account, but ok, my Alpha is mere 3 weeks old, so start over with another email address.

That’s how I did it.

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